Over the weekend GeneralGames hosted a Toronto Xbox Community Birthday party and fundraiser, for Child’s Play

Tasha75 and I showed up to find the group in full swing with representation from tehflakes.ca, thebruce, 360sync and Xbox Canada and a full DJ hero, two player, session rocking the joint . Looking around we saw games of all kinds being played – Pool, table games, and Modern Warfare 2, four player Multiplayer showed its head as the night progressed.

The Event started to wrap up with the raffle, and what a raffle it was.  Autographed Xbox games, steam codes, PC games and xbox faceplates and watches. As a group the Toronto Xbox community members raised over 350$ (last I saw) in just a couple hours.

Good food, Good beverage, Good people only make for a good time – thx to Mister Switch and Keadin for hosting us and putting this all together.

Photo Credit: GeneralGames.ca