Its great to see companies giving back, especially when they have a huge success under their belts, like Activision most recently did with the Modern Warfare 2 launch – selling 7 million units according to IGN.

Today we say the announcement of Activision’s Call of Duty Endowment (CODE) fund – designed to “Help Veterans Combat Unemployment” (pardon the pun it was in the release). According to the release more than 500,000 unemployed veterans between the ages of 18 and 64 currently live in the United States, boasting a jobless rate that is nearly twice the national average. 

To help these returning  veterans Activision has committed to raise millions of dollars for CODE. And already CODE is hard at work announcing an initial grant for the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) organization totalling $125,000. The grant will provide resources to help underwrite the cost of a new PVA Vocational Rehabilitation Services Center in Boston, MA. The PAV is focused on helping veterans with severe disabilities find work – an estimated 85% of Vets supported by PAV are unemployed.

A great announcement, a great cause and a great day to remember those that make the needed sacrifices so that freedom is available for all of us. Thank you.

Read the full release here (pdf).