This is a game that is enjoyable from the start as long as you go into it with proper expectations. This game is no Need for Speed or Grand Theft Auto but it is a fun driver with challenges that keep you on the edge of your seat. I actually caught myself tensing up and getting on edge while trying to execute the required moves (like holding beside a semi for 5 seconds while being chased and smashed by enemies). The graphics are great and very realistic and offer multiple views so you can decide which view is right for you.

You are a police officer racing through the streets trying to perform different challenges. Whether it be stopping a car by all means necessary or protecting a semi from being hijacked by 2 enemy drivers you will find something that is fun for everyone.

Another fun twist is that your car takes damage while you play and if you are not careful you will end up chasing an enemy down on a bare rotor and no wheel/tires. It adds a different twist and keeps you from going to crazy and turning a challenge into a crash derby. While the game is enjoyable it can be quite challenging and a bit frustrating as some of the challenges can take a long time to only fail in the end and have to do them over again. While that is probably the intent and for some gamers will be a draw it frustrated this action junky and made long stints playing less enjoyable.

Overall I would recommend this game as it is challenging and fun but I can not say it is a must have.


    – Good graphics
    – Easy controls
    – Simple storyline


    – Bad/annoying in game dialogue
    – Some of the challenges felt like you were roaming around forever
    – Challenges felt pretty simplistic

Feed Your Console gives Crash Time II a 5 out of 10.