Borderlands for 40$ on launch day

Our friends over at InsightBits are reporting that Walmart flyers (page 16) in Quebec are publishing Borderlands for $40 on launch day. Will we also see this across the rest of Canada? I sure hope so – I’m waiting on confirmation in tomorrow’s flyer.

Will we be seeing the same following as we did for the launch of Batman: Arkham Asylum you know where Future Shop, Best Buy and EB all price matched the one day sale. Cross your fingers and maybe we will. If not I’ll be calling all my French friends in hopes one will send me a copy.

Hat tip: InsightBits

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  1. It is confirmed for BC as well, just had the store clerk show me tommorow's flyer. Well confirmed for Xbox360 at least…

  2. Rowan – Thanks for confirming. I also heard that Future Shop will be price matching. The local GameStop also said they would price match on any advertised price – at least the local manager said so but YMMV.

    A good time for gammers 🙂


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