Nintendo has finally decided to do the right thing and drop the price on their Wii System. Effective Sunday, the price is dropping to $199.

Nintendo also revealved that “New Super Mario Bros” hits shelves for the Wii on Nov 15, 2009

Ubisoft announced the release date for Splinter Cell: Conviction for Feb 23 on the Xbox 360 and PC.

Microsoft revealed a list of developers that have all jumped onto the Natal Bandwagon (That’s a damn fine looking list if I may say so):

    – Activision Blizzard
    – Bethesda Softworks
    – CAPCOM
    – Disney Interactive
    – Electronic Arts
    – Konami
    – MTV Games
    – Namco Bandai
    – Sega
    – Square Enix
    – THQ Inc.
    – Ubisoft

For those of you getting all ready for the coming of Kratos with the God of War Collectors Edition, Sony announced that the Demo of God of War 3 is included in the package.

That’s a decent sized platter of info – TGS has barely even started. Sounds to me like it could a wild ride.