More Left 4 Dead Content? Yup – Free on PC….360 Users…Read on

Looks like all you Left 4 Dead gamers out there have something to look forward to this fall. New content in the form or ‘Crash Course’ coming to PC and Xbox 360 this September. All those who were pissed off about the announcement now have something to piss about – If you’re a 360 user […]

Assassins Creed 2: Limited Edition Details

Today, Official news came to us from our contact at UbiSoft regarding the Limited Edition Assassins Creed 2. Here’s what you’ll get for $89.99: – The Game Disc (Naturally)– 8.5″ collectible statue of Ezio (Would go well in my home theatre)– An exclusive in game Map (2 for those of you who order from Gamestop)– […]