I just got this in from Microsoft and I couldn’t wait to share this amazing news with you Feeders out there. Today, Microsoft has announced a price drop on the Xbox 360 in Canada, effective Tomorrow (August 28th).

The following price drops will be in effect:

  • Xbox 360 Elite console will drop to $329 CDN.
  • Xbox 360 Pro console will now be priced at $279 CDN, while supplies last.
  • Get in on the Xbox 360 Arcade console, for $229 CDN.

Also coming August 28th, for a limited time is the Xbox 360 Elite Bundle that includes Halo 3 and a Wireless Network Adapter for a new low price of $329.99 CDN.

Here are the full details of what the bundles includes:

  • Xbox 360 Elite Console
  • Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter (Priced from $77-99, depending on the retailer)
  • 1 Black Wireless Controller
  • 120 GB Memory Storage
  • Xbox LIVE Wired Headset
  • Network Ethernet Cable
  • 30 day Free Trial of Xbox LIVE Gold Membership
  • Xbox LIVE Silver Membership*
  • Halo 3

I think we will see many many happy gamers this holiday season, first the PS3 price drop and now the Xbox 360 following hot on it’s heals…