HOT News: Xbox Price Drop

I just got this in from Microsoft and I couldn’t wait to share this amazing news with you Feeders out there. Today, Microsoft has announced a price drop on the Xbox 360 in Canada, effective Tomorrow (August 28th).

The following price drops will be in effect:

  • Xbox 360 Elite console will drop to $329 CDN.
  • Xbox 360 Pro console will now be priced at $279 CDN, while supplies last.
  • Get in on the Xbox 360 Arcade console, for $229 CDN.

Also coming August 28th, for a limited time is the Xbox 360 Elite Bundle that includes Halo 3 and a Wireless Network Adapter for a new low price of $329.99 CDN.

Here are the full details of what the bundles includes:

  • Xbox 360 Elite Console
  • Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter (Priced from $77-99, depending on the retailer)
  • 1 Black Wireless Controller
  • 120 GB Memory Storage
  • Xbox LIVE Wired Headset
  • Network Ethernet Cable
  • 30 day Free Trial of Xbox LIVE Gold Membership
  • Xbox LIVE Silver Membership*
  • Halo 3

I think we will see many many happy gamers this holiday season, first the PS3 price drop and now the Xbox 360 following hot on it’s heals…


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  1. A few things on my mind.

    The price of the Arcade is *raised* to 229$, not lowered. Also the HDMI cable is removed.

    While our friends in the US get the following:

    Arcade 199 -> 199 (=)
    Pro 299 -> 249 (-50)
    Elite 399 -> 299 (-100)

    We only get (+30!), (-20) and (-70) respectively, in Canada. Why not the same price changes? Greed…

    Seems like the Arcade version price was left unchanged in the US only and got pricier in the rest of the world.

    The deal got better, there's just the bittersweet aftertaste of US getting a better version of it.

    Is Nintendo next on the bandwagon?

  2. Dave,

    Good catch…

    I'm seeing two versions of the "XBOX 360 Arcade Console" listed on the Future Shop site (1 @ $199 – – and the other @$229 – No visible differences when I look at them…

    BestBuy has both listed at the same $299 price tag…

    Net result looks to be no change on the Arcade.


  3. I took a peek at those 2 units you posted Matt and looks like the difference is a 256MB Memory card for $199 and 512MB with the $229. Still it's not exactly a sensical price adjustment in my mind.

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