GameStop Canada Trade and Save

Is your PS3 Fat taking up too much room on your shelf? Or maybe you just want the latest and coolest upgrade from Sony…

Either way your in luck with the trade and Save promotion from this week. Head into any store and trade in your old PS3 Fat console and two games to upgrade to the PS3 Slim for only $50.

Check out the product specs for the PS3 Slim.

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  1. While I admire their attempt to get that ever elusive console trade-in, I think I'll stick with my Launch date PS3 20GB system (upgraded to 160) that does ful backwards compatibility – I think they have some nice additions with DolbyHD etc but I want my backwards compatibility still.

  2. Or,

    Keep your fat PS3 and those 2 games, and spend about 80$ for a bigger 160GB+ Hard Drive.

    Unless you download HD movies and save them on your PS3 (about 4-8GB each), I find it pretty hard to run out of space on the 80GB unit.

  3. Hi My Name Is Bryan I Want To Buy A Ps3, I Bought My Ps2 When It Was At 299.00 Canadian, And Spent Over 1200.00 In Games Memory Cards And Controllers In 2 Years, So I Wanted To Know If The 80 Gig Ps3 At Gamestop\Ebgames Has Lots In Stock I Wont Be Able To Buy It For A Couple Of Months, But I Also Want To Know If, The Ps3 Plays All Psone\Ps2\Games, And I Wanted To Know If The Ps2 Controllers All Work On The Ps3. Posted By Bryan A.

  4. Another good point Dave

    Hey Bryan, Unfortunately if you're looking for backwards compatibility, at this point you're out of luck unless you can find someone willing to part with their 1st generation PS3 – There are some rumors that state that Sony has registered a patent that would drive full software emulation for backwards compatibility of all PSone and Ps2 games but there's no official word on that. EB would no doubt have plenty of stock of the 80GB systems and will no doubt get a higher stock level of used systems after this promo is over. As for PS2 controllers, you're out of luck there as well I'm afraid. Luckily for you the PS3 comes with a blutooth enabled wireless controller anyway.

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