I know I know, I forgot to update everyone last week. What can I say? No excuse for that – Ok GC has kept us all pretty busy coupled with my newborn – there’s my excuse but rest assured I haven’t fallen off so that’s at least a good thing. I did mis a few days but I made up for them on alternating days.

The second week was tough man – Lemme tell ya. The Feed Your Console boys were over for the weekend and it was UGLY!!! So needless to say, the quality of eating was really bad (but tasted oh sooo good). I continued to do the workout as suggested by the program for roughly 40ish minutes – It whooped my ass as always and had me sweating up a storm. 1 thing that I haven’t exactly been shy about is the quality of the resistance band so I decided to try using my own and that really messed with the program because it thought I was missing my reps. I pushed through the program telling me i was screwing up and must now think of somethign I can do to get those reps labelled as quality with my own resistance bands.

Each day I attacked the exercises with energy and enthusiasm because I really do have a goal in mind (if you’ll remember I’d like to shed 30lbs) and I know it won’t happen overnight. My daily activities stayed pretty well the same with the elliptical and the eating

Typical Meals:
Breakfast: Tomato Sandwich on multi-grain bread with a little light Mayo and pepper, Tomato juice, coffee black
Snack: 1/2 Myoplex Lite protein bar
Lunch: Dinner leftovers – Grilled/BBQ Chicken breast with spinach and a vinegrate dressing
Snack: 1/2 Myoplex Lite Protein Bar
Dinner: Chicken or turkey breast with salad and VeggeGreens
Other activities: 30 minutes on an Elliptical trainer low intensity to warm up

I’m into my 3rd week and will be taking a weigh in sometime over the weekend. If you’re unsure about this tool, I can feel it in every muscle in my body as it pushes me to use proper form and enforces the quality over quantity model. I’m really having fun with it and I hear that November brings us a new set of exercises to work with – Here’s hoping EA can hook me up with that because if all goes to plan, I’ll have hit my goal by then and be looking to do more toning.