Today, Official news came to us from our contact at UbiSoft regarding the Limited Edition Assassins Creed 2. Here’s what you’ll get for $89.99:

– The Game Disc (Naturally)
– 8.5″ collectible statue of Ezio (Would go well in my home theatre)
– An exclusive in game Map (2 for those of you who order from Gamestop)
– The Art of Assassins Creed II book (I love those)
– an extra disc with some cool features such as; Behind the scenes of Assassins Creed II, Game Soundtrack and others
– All packaged in a collectible tin.

I’m pretty damn excited about the release fo this game and am of the opinion that you’re actually getting some pretty awesome swag for the extra cost. It’s only August but I’m looking ahead to November – Looks like I’m going to Italy.