Eh Button’s Sun and Gun Lanfest

It looks like our friends over at Eh Button have been fraggin all weekend over at their second LAN Party. Feed Your Console reader and friend Robert (aka:@wikkiwild1) sent us over these photos of the event.

After the dust settles and the LAN is packed up we will hopefully get a rundown from Wikkiwild1 about the event.

Check out all the photo’s here.

Event details:

Time: July 17, 2009 at 5pm to July 19, 2009 at 2pm
Location: Blackfoot Inn
Street: 5940 Blackfoot Trail SE
City/Town: Calgary

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  1. Just got back from another successful Lanfest put on by the guys at This was their 2nd Lanfest and was also a blast to attend. The Sun & Gun Lanfest had 4 tournaments, Left 4 Dead, Halo 3, GoW 2, CoD MW. Ryath Adir came away with top prize in 3 of the 4, Halo 3, GoW 2, CoD MW. 1 Prize consisted of a autographed Master Chief helmet by Steven Downs who did the voice of Master Chief.
    The next Lanfest will be in 2010 and will be a WinterLan. Check out their site and watch for updates if you are interested in attending.

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