Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition Unboxing

Robert Bowling (aka @fourzerotwo) takes viewers through the included items in the Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition – unboxing video.

What’s included:

Standard Edition: Xbox 360/PS3 Game ($59.99 USD)
Hardened Edition: Metal Case, Call of Duty (original PC version on XBLA and PSN) and Story board art book ($79.99 USD)
Prestige Edition: Night Vision Goggles’s, Head Display and Hardened edition. (Price unknown)

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  1. Hi Kelly,

    I sent a note of the FourZeroTwo asking but he is out of the office today.

    I'm hoping but I have yet to see the prestige pack pre-order on FutureShop's or BestBuy's sites, just the Hardened and standard editions.

    (crossing my fingers)


  2. im not totally sure yet but i heard the prestige editon was gonna be around the $150 mark USD

  3. It appears that is the number being batted around right now. I'm off to exlore what EBGames tells me this morning because I will be getting the goggles.

    Thanks for the note Kelly.

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