As the Resident Fallout 3 junkie, it seems fitting that I post the update for all you who are wondering what’s going on with the Fallout 3 DLC for all you PS3 users. According to a post on the Playstation Blog, Ashley Cheng – Production Director for Bethesda Softworks provided us with an update with some good and bad news.

Being Monday, I’ll start with some bad news:
The update states that the progress is taking a little bit longer than previously thought due in part to all the testing required to live up to their high standards and to ensure that you get a smooth and seamless content integration.

The Good news:
Broken Steel is going to be the 1st release after-all being that it’s the most highly anticipated of all and that it should be out by the end of September. Further to that, she expects that they’ll be releasing both Operation: Anchorage and The Pitt shortly after at the same time.

I know that all you Fallout fans playing on the PS3 are frothing at the mouth, and September seems far away but in all honesty – You really need to get some colour on that face of yours.

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