What would you do with 10,000 Microsoft points?

A) Buy the Oblivion Horse Armour
B) Download the entire collection of Fallout 3 DLC
C) Buy the entire top 10 list from Major Nelson’s Weekly Activity report
D) All of the above

As of Friday, July 10, Canadian Xbox live Gold Members will have the chance to win up to 10,000 Microsoft Points and a new Xbox LIVE Arcade title in every round played on 1 vs 100 Live.

If you’re “the One,” you could win Microsoft Points for each member of “the Mob” you knock out—up to an incredible 10,000 if you defeat the entire Mob. What will you do with your winnings?

Prizes will be awarded to the last remaining 60 Mob members, but only if “the One” chokes. Mob members will share the accumulated points and be eligible for XBL Arcade titles. And MSFT is not leaving out the Crowd, Top three crowd members may also win an Xbox LIVE Arcade title.

As an added incentive contestants will earn entries into the 1 vs 100 sweepstakes for every question answered in both 1 vs 100 Live and Extended Play. Each entry get you one step closer to winning a Zune or an HDTV home theatre system! W00T!

So brush up on your trivia—because the competition may be stiff—and get ready to win big! Prizes come to 1 vs 100 Live, on Friday, July 10 at 10 P.M. EST!