Montreal based Meridian4 has been busily working away to bring you the latests in indie gaming titles with two announcements this past week.

First up the driving simulator Big Rig Europe, from SCS Software. A cross between a Tycoon style game and a transportation sim you will be dealing with heavy traffic, hauling the right goods and keeping to a tight schedule in order to build your trucking empire. Make your deliveries on time and access to new countries and improved trucks.

Maybe driving sims are not your thing… How about Puzzle games? I have good news for you too them – Meridian4 announced a deal with 2D Engine to distribute the title Chains. Gameplay consisting of building links between adjacent bubbles of the same color to burst the chain – longer chains = more points (go figure!). This looks highly addictive to me and a casual gamers dream.

Chains Gameplay video: