Dungeons & Dragons: Tiny Adventures! An RPG experience without dice, paper or hours of time spent playing in a dark and dusty room (not that there is anything wrong with that). No longer do you need a DM or other players – just choose your adventure and quest away. Choose from 16 different adventure classes and a dozen character races; half-elves, Dwarfs, Halflings, Humans, Dragonborn and Drow are all among the choices.

Progressing through a series of encounters and adventures you will earn money and find new items to equip. Reaching level 11 with any of your Hero’s will result in their retirement, thus allowing you to begin on a new adventure. Bring your friends along; help them while questing with buffs and heal them when they are between adventures.

Here is a sample encounter my level 10 Drow Ranger Nirz bin ra recently had to face:

The royal army recommends one not take on an orc warrior. They suggest you run to the nearest fort and let ten or twenty soldiers take care of it. Nirz bin ra doesn’t take recommendations from the royal army.

Nirz bin ra made an Armor Class check with a difficulty of 35 . . . and rolled 38

He doesn’t take recommendations from orcs either, and certainly doesn’t take any hits from orc battleaxes. Armor Class check:

d20: 9
AC Bonus: +28
Buffs: +1
Total: 38
Difficulty: 35

Nirz bin ra received 149 XP and 83 gold.

If your a D&D fan and your on Facebook your going to want to play this.

While this will not fulfill the same feelings as playing D&D with your friends, it’ll get you through long stints of not playing at all.