Video Montage of all the latest tiles on the PS2, PS3 and PSP

HOST: Jack Tretton – President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America

Major seized Screen 40’x80′

Jack Tretton says: “09 will be best year ever…364 games on PS platforms this year.”

Starting with PS2 – reaffirmed the 99$ price tag and sales record

Moving into inFamous (a PS3 Exclusive) talked about metacritic rating north or 90%.

Introduced Evan Wells of Naughty Dog to talk Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Showing in game footage (recorded) of UC2 – Looks amazing!

Uncharted Bets Goes live tonight – with Multi-player!!

Jack: Only on Playstation = Only possible on Playstation

MAG – Andy Beaudoin from Zipper Interactive goes with a live demo of MAG using testers in different cities and a few live on stage players. Talks about Squad based bonus objectives, securing tower bases as spawn points, helicopters and other heavy weapons managed by players!

Jack: PSP – talks 3rd party titles being rick, engaging and deeper then any other handheld. Sales driven by bundled packaged 50 million PSP units sold.
Hannah Montana bundle- coming in July – Violet colored – Loco Roco 2, Patapon 2 and Rock Band coming.

Introduces: Kaz Hirai – President networked services for SCEA

We asked for customer feed back – “How do we make PSP better?” result – the PSP GO!
Kaz “Worst kept secret at E3“… does not replace UMD or the PSP 3000.

60 GB version for on the go – Down load games and movies via WiFi from the PSN, blue tooth.

NEW APP for PSN on your PC – Media Go – Access the PSN direct from your PC for content management on your PSP. Lower price point on PSP developer toolkits – 80% price reduction! $249.99 at launch October 1, 2009.

Video downloads from; showtime, g4, TNA, UFc, E! and many more…

Founder of Polyphony Digital (Grand Turismo – October 1, 2009) Kazunouri Yamauchi introduced – Grand Turismo running on the PSP Go – runs full scale Grand Turismo games @ 60 fps. 800 cars in the new Grand Turismo. New features; adhoc wifi for 4 player multi-player, trade and share cars with other players over wifi. Trailer for Grand Turismo on PSP shown.

Kaz introduces – Hideo Kojima – Kojima productions – talks about how PSP go is hot and Snake will be making his appearance in Metal Gear Solid: Peace walker 1970’s setting – 10 yrs after MGS 3 – a true sequel. Hideo helping with writing and producing this title.

Shows trailer. (Find link)… Takes place in Costa Rica – with 4 player multi-player? an platoon of Clones?!

Jack: Talks Resident Evil Series and background – coming with a whole new game in 2010 to the PSP. More titles shown in video: Little Big Planet, SOCOM, Harry Potter, Jak and Dexter, Motor Storm, Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, Dynasty Warriors, Tiger Woods, Pets and Rock band.

PSN 24 million users in 55 countries – 457 million Downloaded titles/videos. FF7 available for Download on PSN TODAY!

Now we’re onto Home. This year new content and content spaces from companies like Ubisoft, Capcom, EA are coming. Video playing with images from various spaces inside Home.

Jack: Tons of great new content – Video launches with some images of what to expect. Nothing new to report from the video – Madden, Uncharted, Ghostbusters, God of War 3, etc…

Rockstar – New exclusive title Agent from Rockstar north in 2010.

Ubisoft – Assassins Creed 2 – video shown the Italian Renascence period during a street party. Enzio climbs into a new flying vehicle and flys around the city – Very cool.

Enzio has 2 wrist blades now – He can take out 2 people at a time. New Enemy called a seeker – makes hiding more difficult, 30 different weapons + other unlockables if you play AC on the PSP, Smoke bombs were added to his arsenal, steal your enemies weapons, and swimming now available.

Jack: shows Video on Final Fantasy XIII – coming spring 2010.
Very Final Fantasy looking – Beautiful graphics – The setting reminds me of FF7

Jack: Final Fantasy 14 Online launches in 2010 – Worls exclusive premiere video: This is pretty big news.

Jack talks about video and motion controls being a huge new innovation
New PS3 Camera with a prototype controller – with a blue sphere on the end(looks really…wierd)
Demo time – Showing off 1 to 1 tracking in a virtual room – In the image, he can change the look to be a racket, or baseball bat – Was pretty cool
The controller can look like anything you want they want it to look like including weapons
Lots of cool possibilities
New Demo shows Anton reaching into the screen with 2 controllers and manipulating the environment
Writing and drawing is highly accurate for you artsy people
The controller is also highly effective for RTS games in the next demo and 1st person shooters
Expected launch is 2010

Little Big Planet – Getting a slew of new licenses from companies like Disney and various other.

Exclusive The new “Big Create, Play, Share” title is going to be a driving game – It looks to be every bit as powerful as the LBP tools – Maybe even a little more powerful but time will tell. In a very small amount of time, thye were able to create a pretty cool racetrack including weapons and powerups in less than 5 minutes
Wow! I hate racing games but it looks to me like something I’d really enjoy.
it Drops in 2010

Another new exclusive title

The Last Guardian – This trailer leaked a few weeks back – Stunning graphics on this title – Video here

God of War 3 gameplay – Awesome footage
In this footage Kratos whips some major ass like only Kratos can and we get a glimpse of a boss similar to the Argonaut from God of War 2 but much bigger – He’s HUGE and on fire. Due for release March 2010.

Jack: Only possible on PS3 – The future of Gaming.