Cammie Dunaway introduces Nintendo’s Press conference and stars with the introduction of New Super Mario Bros for Wii – four players now worlds and available Christmas 2009

Wii Fit Plus – 6 new Yoga and strength training exercises, set order, and remove pauses between exercises (BIG Improvement) Predefined programs, and create your own program. 15 new balance games; skateboarding, perfect 10 etc… Fall 2009

Here comes Reggie! (Reggie Fils-Aime) – Introduces Wii Motion Plus offering “Precision control” to your Wii mote. Looks like a gel case with a 1 inch attachment for the bottom of your Wii mote. video highlights; table tennis, samurai fighting, canoing archery, basketball, golf.

Wii sports Resort (Bill Trinen): Skydiving – Wii mote becomes your Mii.
Archery – uses Nan-chuck attachment – gauge based on pull back – wind and other elements
Three points Bill and Reggie face off – shoot three pointers from 5 locations around the paint (Reggie wins 19/17).
Available in a matter of Weeks

Red Steel 2 (Ubisoft) to include Wii Motion plus.

Square-Enix teams up with Nintendo for :
* Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers (Wii)
* Kingdom Hearts on the DS (Sept 29)

Bowsers in side story – Travel inside Bowser as Mario and Luigi to battel with Bowser’s insides. Available Fall 2009

Nintendo DS – gets a remake of Golden Sun DS (after a six year hiatus). Two screen trailer presented.

WOW 100 Million DS units in the market…

James Paterson’s Women’s Murder club Games of Passion – coming Oct 13 to the DS(i). Can you solve the mystery.

Ubisoft (DS) game announced: COP the Recruit. Go under cover in NYC and investigate terrorist and save New York City. Comic Like graphics with a look of GTA on the DS.

Style Savvy – Clothing Designer, dress your characters and run a clothing store and host runway events… Targeting young tween girls…

DSi – video runs with customer interviews. Total sales in US since (April 2009) launch 1 million units and 400K DS light sold in same time.

Studio games (user generated content) available this fall.

Mario Vs Donkey Kong Mini’s March Again – Build levels and upload to friends and Internet. Available Monday June 8th via DSi download.

Photo upload from DSi direct to Facebook

NEW Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks for the DS. Woot! No demo No trailer – booo! Just trade show floor

Satoru Iwata (Global President for Nintendo) introduced. Discusses the future of Nintendo and gaming.

Full 3D Mario Galaxy 2 … Snow worlds, drill tools, Ghost and Cloud cities. Now with Yoshi!

Reggie talks 3rd party games:

The Conduit from Sega (June 2009) – Trailer plays.

Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles on the Wii trailer plays

Dead Space: Extraction from EA – Trailer introduced – Wii exclusive.

New Nintendo with an edge. In partnership with Team Ninja – Project M Productions – Metroid: Other M in 2010.

Lots of old stuff made new again… 🙁