Microsoft E3 Press Conference

In an effort to keep all you Feeders up-to-date on the happenings at the MS Press Conference we’ll be updating this space with as many of the major announcements as possible.

Press Conference to begin 1:30EST
Rockband: The Beatles trailer has kicked things off. Demoing the game with the song Day Tripper.
More game play footage – Looks awesome
Full album downloads coming – Starting with Abbey Road
Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison were brought out…. Yoko…..? Really?!?
Paul and Ringo came out – That’s much better: Quick and easy Hello and they’re gone.
RockBand: The Beatles hits Sept 9

10 World Premier games to be shown, New ways to connect with friends.

Tony Hawk: Ride – Tony is there with a new skateboard peripheral(looks pretty sweet) – Damn he’s getting old
Looks and sounds to be extremely cool – wonder what the weight limit is =\
New Tony Hawk: Ride trailer/featurette kicking off now.
Shows how the new peripheral works in game – Very cool! I’m no boarder but this just might make it into my basement.
Game is in the demo booths – if you’re lucky enough to try it, we want to hear from you!

Modern Warfare 2 Trailer
Showing off live gameplay – DAMN!!! Looks pretty Snow level in the mountains. Player is climbing the mountain – Now it jumps to actual game footage with some pretty snazzy looking weapons.
Big firefight now – Looks just as chaotic as any CoD game. Looks awesome.
2 new Modern Warfare Map packs coming

Final Fantasy XIII news coming
A little history about the FF series
World Premier and 1st look at FFXXII on the Xbox 360
Some very pretty visuals and a “Mega-Boss” battle
Odin revealed for the 1st time.
Target Spring 2010 release date

Exclusive Xbox 360 Releases now
Epic to release Xbox Live Arcade Game – Mic is cutting out but it’s Ok cause Cliffy B is wearing a shirt with Big bad Bill Gates’ Mugshot on it.
Game is called “Shadow Complex
over 120 hidden items and 10hrs of gameplay _ not bad for a Live Arcade title. Kinda reminds me of Contra.
Coming this summer

JoyRide for XBLA
From BigPark (recently acquired by MS) Coming this month.

Sequel announcements
Crackdown 2 confirmed (I should try Crackdown)

ZOMBIES!!!! (Geekgasm)L4D 2? Chainsaws, guns – ZOMBIES
NOV 17

Splinter Cell Conviction
Sam Fisher is back and just as bad ass. Looks to be on the run this time from his own agency. Dark environments mean lots of hiding places to attack from. New Weapons (EMP Grenades) and added abilities like pull enemies out of windows to their death.

Forza Motorsport 3
Beautiful car in the background. Beautiful graphics – Crashes (I’m mediocre to it. Not a racing game fan). Biggest racing game ever made. Xbox live user created content. New set of customizeable tools (these look fun). HD video editing and uploads. Looks like fun for those of you with the time and energy.
Forza 3 ships in October this year

Halo 3 ODST
Game footage on now – Looks and feels like Halo
New Halo pistol
Loads of in game footage – Wow. This is going to sell like mad.
New coop gamemode
Sept 22nd it ships

New Bungie Top Secret Project
Familiar music….Halo Reach?
Planet is getting throttled by bombs dropping
Halo Reach CONFIRMED! Fall 2010
Halo 3 ODST gets you a multiplayer Beta invitation

Alan Wake – Took them long enough.
Trailer telling his story – My god I can’t get over the graphics of the games that are coming out! This game is stunning.
The game looks to play out like a TV series with cuts to what happened previously – Constant commentary – like the book is being read as you play though it. Some battle footage. Very cool
Looks like it’s going to deliver something I was hoping from Resident Evil 5….Fear
Good demo – Best one yet in my opinion
Alan Wake hits shelves in the Spring of 2010

Music is coming to Live! Via
Coming later this year – No additional charge

Netflix to get better – Sky TV bringing Live TV and movies to the UK
Video service relaunching with full 1080p, instantly available – Fully On Demand
moving from 8-18 countries this fall

One more feature coming to live – Movies, tv and music shared among xbox live friends and users over the net. That is HUGE!!!

More ways to connect with your friends? Facebook partnership coming to Xbox. (WTF!?)
1st peek at Facebook on 360 – uses the familiar NXE interface – find all your friends on FB who use Live – can basically do anything you ant with FB that you can do on your PC.

Twitter on XBL – Meh

Kojima comes to Xbox – Metal Gear Solid Rising – Lightning Bolt Action – Teaser trailer for a game with Raiden.

New Webcam style controller (codenamed Natal)- only….there’s no controller…Probably more for the casual gamer from the looks it it. Soccer game looks like it could be fun for those who like Soccer. Video conferencing – Yikes: I see potential for…interesting uses. I think it just used voice activation too…Neat. No release date yet- just said ” will sell in the future”.

Steven Spielberg is on stage, talks about Project Natal and history with gaming.

Natal features:
* Facial recognition between avatars, avatar will mimic movement of users.
* Hand gesture for movement between menu items
* Ricochet full motion movements for games. No controller “Waggle” commands – Wii pot-shot?
* Paint Shop (was that the name?) – paint like a pro; announce colour and move hands accordingly. Looks to me like alot of fun. – they used the silhouette of 2 people to recreate the image of an elephant. Ok..I don’t want to lie….I think I love that paint app. I want to play with it right now.
* Works with all 360s (no HDD required?) and dev kits shipping out today

Peter Molyneux just came out – this could be the “Megaton Announcement”?
Lionsgate has had Natal for a few months. Feature about Natal and Lionshead…

Holy crap she’s interacting with a character on the TV with her voice and he’s reacting very realistically. The kid (Milo) is displaying realistic emotions too in reaction to what she says. WHAT? Interacting with water displays your reflection and enables you to play with the water, pass drawings into Milo.

Instant on 1080p – share video, music and games with your friends, best controller ever (?) via NATAL (you the player).