This Tuesday all eyes in the Video Gaming world turn to Los Angeles for the E3 Expo. This years the leaks have started just a days ahead of the big show, typical right.

First up the PSP Go… Sony’s new hand held system with a slide away controls, rumours of Bluetooth and SD memory slot. Expect more at E3 from Sony, check some additional photo’s from Eurogamer.

Is this the end of UDM?

Next up is the new Square Enix title, NIER. Play as a man on a mission to save his Daughter from the Black Scrawl Virus. Slide on over to the NIER site and check out the Trailer and screen shots.

Also rumours of a re-released version of Final Fantasy VII (My favourite of all the FF series – and potentially the most popular of all the series) will be headed to the PS3 and the PSP. WOOT!

Mass Effect Galaxy on your iphone. Bioware released new details just a few days before E3… Providing filler in the time between Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 this title will introduce you to two new characters to that will also be in ME2.

Take on the roll of Jacob Taylor, another Eden Prime survivor, and lead the charge and protect the galaxy.

What are you looking forward to from E3: – What are you predictions for the show? Or maybe you have more leak information you want to share? Leave us a comment with the details.