Have you tried the Canadian Exclusive Beta for 1 vs. 100 yet? Maybe your a silver memebr so you’ve been left out but NO MORE! This is your weekend to play Xbox Canada has opened 1 vs. 100 up to you too, so get out there and try it.

In a recient Xbox Canada Statement they noted that Last weekend, Canadian 1 vs. 100 player numbers set a new online record with 16,000 Xbox LIVE members playing simultaneously! WOW that’s a lot of people. Think they will get more for the last Live game of the Beta this Saturday (May 23 @7PM)?

Still not sold? Here are a few other things to know before the beta ends:

1 – Canada’s own Xbox Community Goddess ‘JadeLive‘ will be joining Chris Cashman for some real-time Q and A from the the players.
2 – Once out of Beta you’ll be competing with players from all over North America – brush up on your us Trivia… 2nd president of the USA was… A) Abe Lincoln, B) John Adams, C) Bill Clinton. – Hope you said B!
3 – You can win Real prizes (MS points and downloadable games once out of beta)

So get sharpening your trivia skills and we hope to see you on Xbox LIVE Saturday night! Check our Impressions of 1 vs. 100.