Think your smart enough to take on an entire country? How about starting with 100 people instead. Tonight marks the launch of the official 1 V. 100 Canadian Beta and let me tell you it was a lot of fun.

The topics covered ranged from games release in the last year, high school science and recent celebrity deaths. An easy to understand interface and higher points for answering quickly and getting multiple consecutive answers make you want to stick around – even during the commercials, yes real in game commercials. Join your friends in a party and challenge each other to see who knows the most about a bunch of random topics.

1 v. 100 brings your avatar into the largest gaming community setting and places you in the replica TV studio as either a member of the 100 strong Mob, or an active play along audience member. If your good enough you might just make it and become “The One”.

Being a beta issues are expected – that why the run them – and a few were encountered tonight.

  • A couple the players in the hot seat were dropped during their stint as “The One” and a number of crowd members complained about this too.
  • There were also a handful of repeated questions not many but defiantly a few.
  • Lastly and probably the biggest of all these was the sound quality, or in some cases the lack of sound all together, from the games host Chris Cashman. Non-existent at points and then intermittent voice as the two hour game session progressed.

If you missed out tonight I suggest you check out the next session on Tuesday May 12th, get a full schedule here. Remember 1 v. 100 is FREE to all XBL Gold members. The Canadian exclusive beta run until the 24th of May, with five more Live events scheduled and 17 extended sessions on the list.