NCSoft announced today that in honour of the 4 year anniversary of the Guild Wars series they are giving players a free gift, but act fast this is a limited time offer.

Along with this Gift your going to see some other major improvements to the Guild Wars world.

– The Zaishen Order can now help you unlock any pet in the Zaishen Menagerie collection ($9.99), and tame it quickly on a whim.
– Completely redesign characters without having to start over by paying a visit to the Stylist. Providing two new character details packs (Makeover Pack: $9.99 and Extreme Makeover: $9.99).
Name Changes to go with your new look? Instead of using the Stylist, you change your name on the login screen. However this comes with a hefty price tag of $14.99… So be sure you want to do this.
– See the return of Nicholas the traveller: Remember to help him out, and he’ll happily help you out. Just find the trinkets he covets, and he’ll give you a bag of loot. This post-Searing grab-bag could even contain ultra-rare loot that you can only get from him!
– The Hall of Monuments is opened up and is now being made available account-wide. Record achievements of individual characters, record your overall account achievements, and sort everything for easier viewing.

I must be seriously behind in my Guild Wars playing, all this sounds so new to me. Looks like it is time to dig it out again and spend some time getting re-acquainted.