As some of you may or may not have noticed, I kinda of take my Zombie killing pretty seriously so it should come as no surprise to you that I’m here posting a quick little review about the latest DLC for L4D. Yesterday, Valve released the 1st of what will no doubt be many download packs for Left 4 Dead entitled Survival Pack. The biggest additions this download provides is the addition of the campaigns Dead Air and Death Toll to the versus mode and a brand spanking new mode aptly named “Survival Mode” and a few other game play tweaks. Click here for a full list of gameplay changes. Survival mode gives you 15 levels from various locations in the games campaigns and an extra bonus level called “Last Stand”.

First off, I really have to give major props to the team at Valve. They gave this DLC to us free and they really busted their asses off giving us something to do in the L4D world again. Last night MVern, Slayer and I had the opportunity to hook up online and play through the survival mode and it is simply amazing. Survival mode is exactly what the title suggests. Survive as long as you can. You will die. You will die fast and the action is furious from the moment you set off the horde.

The addition of Death Toll and Dead Air to versus modes was a welcome addition. I think I can safely speak for all the Left 4 Dead fans when I say “About freaking time!” I can’t see myself going back to the original 2 levels in versus mode for a long time to come. The bottom line is Valve has delivered something pretty awesome in the pack. Some great changes to the gameplay takes away some of the cheese that was the constant melee attack, the tank is a more formidable opponent (did he need to be stronger?), we got 2 more levels to play and a whole new game mode. What more can you ask for when its free? Keep it up Valve. Let’s get some more levels out there.