XMB InterfaceOver on the Playstation Blog they are reporting a new firmware update for the PlayStation Portable. From the release description this will bring the PSP interface one step closer to that of the PlayStation 3.

List of expected enhancements with the 5.50 update:

  • Updates to the PSP XrossMediaBar (shown above) will add news and updates ticker in the upper right-hand corner, similar to PS3 interface.
  • Memory Stick improvements – added features allowing the creation and access to sub-folders for music, videos and photos. In addition, the required space for downloaded files from PlayStation Store has been reduced significantly.
  • Internet search for games directly from the XMB. This same feature was added to PS3 in the v2.70 update.
  • Added protection and Internet security from Trend Micro to enhance your Web browsing experience. This update will provide access to a free trial of Trend Micro services:
  • 1 – Trend Micro Web Security – blocks PSP owners from visiting Web sites that may contain malicious content designed to steal personal information and confidential data.
  • 2 – Trend Micro Kids’ Safety – filtering technology to prevent children from accessing Web sites that feature inappropriate content.

All great new features in my book.