Recently Bethesda released the newest expansion chapter to their multiple awards winning game Fallout 3. As a veteran of Fallout 3 (PS3 version) and labeling it as Game of the Year last December (I will be posting a new review shortly for this site), I just had to play through these levels even if it meant picking up a 2nd copy of the game for the 360.

Weighing in at almost 500MB and only 800 Microsoft points, you get an extra 3-4 hours of gameplay which, in my opinion, is pretty damn good especially when you consider that some games can be finished in that amount of time for a heck of alot more money.

The Pitt has you helping out a runaway slave named Werhner who tells you that he needs help obtaining a cure to the mutations that plagues his people. From here he takes you to what is left of Pittsburgh. When you get to Pittsburgh, you’re tasked with infiltrating the slave camp and finding a fellow slave and engaging in the quest to meet The Pitts Raider Boss, Ashur.

Once inside, you’ll instantly get the feeling that you’re not in Kansas anymore. The Pitt is as beautifully drawn out as the rest of the game even under all the grit, soot and dirt that seems to cover every inch of the level. It looks simply amazing. Once inside, you’ll get to experience a variety of things such as new weapons, a new kind of enemy threat in the form of the mutated slaves (not your average Ghouls this time folks) and a few new locales.

Without going into too much detail on what you encounter story wise, I will tell you that as in all the other quests within the game, you’re faced with a variety of moral choices and as the saying goes “Who will you become?”

It’s nice to see that the production value and standards from the rest of the game translate to the DLC. There’s plenty to do and see for such a small amount of money and in this day and age you want value for your dollar. This is truly an awesome addition to an already epic tale. I can’t wait to get into Operation Anchorage and the next chapter, Broken Steel, which is slated to come out sometime this April-May.

Feed Your Console gives Fallout 3: the Pitt: 10 out of 10