Alpha Protocol looks amazing, the Team behind this game at Obsidian Entertainment has really put a lot of work into this title.

Play as Michael Thorton, a government agent chosen to find and bring to justice the group responsible for an attack on a commercial airliner, by a high-tech U.S. defense missile, while flying over Eastern Europe. The modern-day conspiracy role playing game will allow for full character development from physical combat techniques, to weapon specialization, and the use of gadgets and spy toys. Alpha Protocol will also utilize an intelligent AI progression that will change agent Thornton’s interactions with other characters based on your progression and your in game choices.

Alpha Protocol will be on shelves this October!

Platform: Xbox 360®, PLAYSTATION®3, Windows-based PC
Published by: SEGA
Developer(s): Obsidian Entertainment
ESRB: RP (Rating Pending)