Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball
Well it happened again, more free arcade games on twitter, this time – Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball – courtesy of SouthPeak Games.

The basics of the game are quite simple and very straight forward. Pick a team; Pirates, Ninjas, Robots or the gruesome Zombies. Bash the other team with the bouncing balls while avoiding the balls they throw at you. Seems easy enough right?

The 2v2 matches seemed a little to easy – sailing through with out a hitch first the Zombies pressed my ninja pair as the battled through the tombstones on a grass court. Then facing off against the robots with their slanted ramps and neon world, quickly learning the skills of a dodgeball playing ninja (pass then attack). My story then travels to the booty laden beach where arch nemesis the evil pirates sit taunting. Defeating the pirates quickly I’m rewarded with the unlockable third character and step up for my first 3v3 match, only to start over in the same 4v4 process.

Having only four levels makes this a bit of a repetitive title, but the added team members and quirky story lines provide a much needed dose of humor. This title is one that will be fun to play for a short time or when you have a number of friend over and need to get out your frustrations.


– Easy to pick up and just play
– Funny character stories between matches
– Unlockable levels and characters


– Repetitive sound effects
– Only four boards

Feed Your Console gives Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball: 6 out of 10

Developer: Blazing Lizard
Publisher: Gamecock
Release Date: 03/09/2008
Platform: Wii and Xbox 360 (Reviewed)