Sony Announcement: PlayStation 2 Now More Affordable Than Ever

Well, it wasn’t the often rumored PS3 price cut that the masses keep talking about, but, Sony has issued a release lowering the PS2 down to $109.99 CDN. Here’s the official release: PLAYSTATION®2, THE WORLD’S MOST POPULAR COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM, NOW MORE AFFORDABLE THAN EVER AT $109.99 CDN FOSTER CITY, Calif. March 31, 2009 – […]

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Trailer and Demo

Dynasty Warriors®: Strikeforce is a game unlike any other in the series. For the first time, up to four friends can join together to form a “Strikeforce.” As a team, players will travel to different towns, embark on quests, and use coordinated assaults to conquer heavily-armed fortresses and colossal beasts. Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce is exclusive […]