Survivor 23: South Pacific

Editors note: After taking the summer off we are back and kicking. Looks like we are also transitioning right back into the Survivor spirit with a new season… here is what our Survivor expert has to say.

Survivor 23 South Pacific

23rd Season of Survivor! That is right…do you feel old, because I don’t.

What is there still to do twenty-three seasons later. Well we know a couple veterans are back. Ozzy and Coach! Here are my thoughts. I do think it will be a little like the last season with Russell and Rob. The rookies are vigorously going to try to get rid of one or both. I do not think the rookies have the balls though. They had to have learned something from the last season right? Oh and how can I forget Russell’s nephew is in this season competing. Is he half the man that Russell was…No way! He just looks so sweet from the few clips I saw of him. I am sure you agree.

What I do know is that this season will be a good one, and the twists will also probably be like none other. It is time we rejoice Survivor fans! Finally some quality TV to watch again.

Survivor 23 South Pacific cast

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Survivor Wrap Up

Well another season (#22) on Survivor comes to an end and we have a newly crowned Sole Survivor – After four tries “Boston” Rob Mariano is finally the Big money winner. Taking top spot over Former Special Agent (?) Sheppard, and Survivor’s youngest player Natalie.

Also in a not so surprising announcement Matt and Rob went head to head for Sprints People’s Choice player with Boston Rob coming out on top of a very close voting tally (Rob – 40%, Matt – 36%, others – 24%).

Congrats to Boston Rob – winner of $1.1 M in Survivor 21 “Redemption Island”.

Also another Survivor benchmark – relationship number 4 springs to life with Dave blindsiding former Survivor Carolina Eastwood, of season 18 “Survivor Tocantins” (2009), with a surprise proposal (and an assist from Jeff). I think that is a better record than the Bachelor and Bachelorette put together!

Stay tuned for the upcoming 23rd Season “Survivor: South Pacific”, based in Upolu, Samoa. The Redemption Island game style looks to be here to stay and will be returning to the next season.

Mantracker Needs a New Cowboy

CBC is reporting that the Cowboy, Terry Grant, star of OLN’s Mantracker is leaving the show after a salary dispute with the producer of the show.

OLN is planning to continue the show, but with a new Cowboy or maybe a whole new show based on a similar idea. I’m sad to see this show lose Terry as he adds something special that I think would be missing with a replacement. I always wondered if I could outsmart the Mantracker, now we will never know. 😉

On a separate note: I had no idea Terry was Canadian?! I feel a little less patriotic all of a sudden (although It’s not like I know EVERY Canadian).

Survivor 21 in the bag

Well it’s over and the winners are in… If your on the West Coast and haven’t seen the winners yet – STOP now!

Heading into tonights show the final four headed to a grueling immunity challenge, stacking coins on the handle of a sword. Holy and Chase were out quickly leaving Sash as the sole member of their three person alliance, facing off against two time immunity winner Fabio. Holding on just seconds longer than Sash, Fabio ends up the big winner is a – go big or go home kinda way.

Fast forward to camp where the alliance quickly implodes on it self and Chase and Holly rat out Sash and his plan to boot Fabio in the case of of his loss. Sash however sings a different song – one where Fabio, Chase and Sash would have been Final Three is he had one.

Ultimately the Three boys band together to give Holly the final Jury seat, and the three advance to the finals. Tribal council was actually a major let down – not really any significant drama and no guaranteed promises of I will/wont be voting for [remaining contestant]. Most of the questions focused on the game play of Chase and Sash – with the odd interjection from Fabio least he be forgotten.

Jury votes come in with a close 4/5 vote in favour of Fabio over Chase – Sash ultimately ending up with zero votes.

Big Congrats to Fabio and his $1 Million game.

A&E’s New Guilty Pleasure

New Guilty pleasure alert and it’s called Storage Wars. After watching the previews for the last week I was so intrigued at what I would find contained within the Series Premier, much like the character’s in the show. With two episodes back to back tonight I’m in Junk heaven.

With characters like these guys, who obviously know each other and have a healthy rivalry, fireworks are bound to happen. From driving up bids to, to name calling you are not going to want to see if the highest bidder gets a dream find or a box of mouldy old clothing.

The rules for Storage War auctions are simple:

  • Cash only sales
  • 5 minutes to inspect
  • Cannot go in the unit cannot touch items
  • Highest bidder no refunds

Makes the pockets itch to look up a local listing an go find some treasures in someone elses junk.

This is a definite watch if your a reality TV junkie, I know it’s getting added to the PVR lineup in my house.

The Apprentice: Episode 1

Tonight marks the start of Season 10, and thankfully we are past the celebrity whining. This season is focusing on people adversely effected by the recession events over the last two years. This season promises a feisty group of Professional, Entrepreneurs and Legal professionals that are down on their luck and unemployed, taking the ultimate interview to new levels or backstabbing and deceit.

I can hardly wait to see what happens in the upcoming weeks.

* Spoiler Below *

Meet the Candidates:

Team Fortitude (Women):

  • Tyana Alvarado – Unemployed Real Estate Agent
  • Poppy Carlig – Recent College Graduate
  • Stephanie Castagnier – Non-Profit Founder
  • Nicole Chiu – Unemployed Attorney
  • Brandy Kuentzel – Corporate Attorney
  • Mahsa Saeidi -Azcuy – Assistant District Attorney
  • Kelly Smith Beaty – Unemployed Public Relations Professional
  • Liza Mucheru-Wisner – Entrepreneur

Team Octaine (Men)

  • Alex Delgado – Truck Driver
  • Gene Folkes – Entrepreneur
  • Wade Hanson – Realtor
  • David Johnson – Unemployed Account Manager
  • Steuart Martens – Entrepreneur
  • Clint Robertson – Unemployed CPA/Attorney
  • Anand Vasudev – Entrepreneur
  • James Weir – Unemployed Attorney

Task: Design a modern office space in downtown New York.

Team leads:

  • Fortitude: Nicole Chiu
  • Octaine: Gene Folkes
  • Details:

    Fortitude took the route of a clean formal office space (they had a lawyer ss a team lead – go figure). Opting for subtle colours of grey, white and black with a mix of classic and modern furniture. Very functional and classic feeling.

    Octaine had a small office space where they built a bright colourful office space that popped with Plant and tree accents, This setting was inspired by a “green” concept. During the presentation to Trump two crew members fell on carpets that had not been secured to the slippery floor… This could be a costly liability in the work place.

    Judges comments:
    Trump didn’t like either space, while Ivanka and Don Jr. were both partial to the men’s space as it embraced the modern aspect of the task. Ultimately the Men’s team won for being more modern and being closest to the task given. (Note: Ivanka was worried about the attitude and temperament of Mahsa during the Boardroom.)

    Winners: Octaine
    Reward: Private meeting with Donald Trump
    Losers: Fortitude
    Board Room: Tyana Alvarado, Mahsa Saeidi, Nicole Chiu (PM)
    Fired: Nicole Chiu (Trump noted that Nicole has potential to be a strong leader and that he would connect her with the Mrs. Universe Organization – another Trump Affiliated Organization)