Review: Obulis

Review: ObulisWhat do you get when you add Balls, Pots, Chains, Rope, Catapults and Physics? You guessed it you get Obulis a Puzzle based games using gravity, chain reactions and cannon fire to move the coloured balls across each board in to the corresponding coloured pot.

When I first installed Obulis I sat down intending to play a few boards before dinner and ended up playing for over half an hour. Quickly I found this game to be both addictive and challenging. Game play consists of selecting a rope (right click) and cutting it (left click), thus stating the events that will drive the rest of the board forward.

Starting off with some simple and easy boards – drop here, role there – and steadily progressing to to significantly harder boards as you move into the later ends of the boards. Boards requiring multiple roles, cascades and timed swings to get your balls from their start point to their final destination. Obulis also lacks any story or reasoning for all this rolling, swinging and transfer of motion but if your looking for puzzles without reason you in luck.

Casual puzzle gamers are going to love Obulis because it offers interesting and interactive backgrounds, over 150 boards and realistic physics. But be warned that you will spend a lot of time repeating the advanced boards as you have to time putting the balls in motion or firing them out of the catapults to start the proper chain reactions. One small misstep or early/late click and your going to find your balls rolling into the wrong pot or off the bottom of the map.


  • Puzzle Lovers Dreams
  • Tons of levels
  • Addictive Gameplay


  • Aggravation with timing – too early/late
  • Lack of story line

Feed Your Console gives Obulis: 7 out of 10

Obulis is available from Steam for $9.99.
Published by: Meridian4
Developed by: IonFX

Left 4 Dead DLC is Coming April 21st

Left 4 Dead is one of the most entertaining multiplayer games currently in my console and I’ve logged some serious hours on it. For those of you who love this game but find that you’re itching for some new content mark April 21st on your calendar for that is the day Valve releases the new FREE DLC.

The new content includes 2 new 4 vs 4 maps in the form of the Death Toll and Dead Air campaigns and a new Survival mode where survivors try to survive through multiple waves of the relentless undead. I for one can’t express my excitement for this.

Get Your Balls Moving With Obulis

A newly released PC version of IonFX’s award-winning mobile game, Obulis. An addicting puzzle type game perfect for the casual gamer. Obulis really kicks things up by complementing highly compelling gameplay with outstanding graphics, music and state of the art physics effects.

The goal of Obulis is move all of the coloured spheres into their like-coloured pots using only the the forces of gravity and physical interaction. Manipulating the playfield by cutting the chains and ropes holding the Obulis Spheres.


  • Over 150 Levels of gamepaly
  • Over a dozen interesting themes
  • Breathtaking Graphics and Music
  • Spectacular Physics and Special Effects

Stay tuned for our review of Obulis
Genre: Casual, Indie
Platform: Steam Network – PC
Developer: IonFX
Release Date: 19 Mar 2009
Languages: English

Larva Mortus now on Steam

Larva Mortus, the latest game release from Montreal publisher Meridian 4, is an action horror game that has you hunting the supernatural in an ominous and dark atmosphere full of the undead, and demonic nightmares.

In the top down shooter assume the role of “The Agent” as you travel through many action packed monster hunting missions. Larva Mortus offers fast and entertaining monster-hunting game play. A horrific atmosphere goes hand in hand with furious action packed splatter fest.

  • 30 frightening supernatural monsters to destroy. Vampires, werewolves, the undead, and more!
  • A dark and horrifying atmosphere with mysterious storyline quests!
  • A solid arsenal – varying from classic six shooters and shotguns to the fancy “Dynamo Gun”
  • Randomly generated missions for high replay value
  • Main character development through a set of RPG-like features
  • Many environments – from spooky manors and catacombs to dark forests and lonely deserts
  • An awesome dark orchestral music score

Stay tuned for our review of Larva Mortus

Genre: Action/Horror
Platform: Steam Network – PC
Studio: Rake In Grass
Release Date: 19 Mar 2009

Alpha Protocol Video Trailer

Alpha Protocol looks amazing, the Team behind this game at Obsidian Entertainment has really put a lot of work into this title.

Play as Michael Thorton, a government agent chosen to find and bring to justice the group responsible for an attack on a commercial airliner, by a high-tech U.S. defense missile, while flying over Eastern Europe. The modern-day conspiracy role playing game will allow for full character development from physical combat techniques, to weapon specialization, and the use of gadgets and spy toys. Alpha Protocol will also utilize an intelligent AI progression that will change agent Thornton’s interactions with other characters based on your progression and your in game choices.

Alpha Protocol will be on shelves this October!

Platform: Xbox 360®, PLAYSTATION®3, Windows-based PC
Published by: SEGA
Developer(s): Obsidian Entertainment
ESRB: RP (Rating Pending)