1st Images of Spider-Man

The wait is finally over – the 1st official images of Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker has been released. I think the costume looks pretty cool but I want to see the whole thing. What says you?

Jersey Shore Season 3 Trailer

Ok Ok – I’m sure that I’ll catch some flak over this but I have to admit Jersey Shore became a guilty pleasure of mine this year. I can’t wait to see more of what I consider to be the skankiest douchebags on the planet get DTF, drunk and cat fights…HOORAY FOR CAT FIGHTS! Check out the trailer below to catch a glimpse of what looks like the fieriest season yet.

Pirates of the Caribbean Trailer Casts Sail

Finally an official trailer for this summers latest installment of Pirates of the Caribbean: In Stranger Tides has launched. I love this series and the character Jack Sparrow so here’s hoping they can right the proverbial ship with this movie because the last one was more than a little weird.