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Forza 4 Review

For gear head’s there are two thing’s that they love racing and car show’s. Forza 4 Motorsport open’s up with the BBC’s Top Gear host Jermey Clark talking about how this game is for car enthusiast’s and not people who are concerned with how many miles to the gallon a car gets and how environmentally friendly a car is. This is because we don’t care! we want the raw power, we want to hear the noise of the engines screeching as we take that corner a little fast and most importantly we want to feel a live. Players will...

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X 2011 – part 1

Let’s start with Kinect Sports Season 2 where I had the chance to checkout the new football and golf games. Football was very glitchy however since it’s not a full retail game I won’t hold that against it. You are presented with a variety of plays using your hand you motion to select one. Once you’ve called your play it’s time to be the quarterback you can say the words “hike” or stand up and the ball is snapped and than you can toss it down field to your receiver after catching the ball it’s time to move those...

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Playstation Network Down Time

I didn’t want to blog about every single thing that was going on with Playstation network being hacked and the service being turned off. I’ve gone a head and put a timeline together of all the events that happened as well. I’ve also wanted to talk about PCI standards and my opinions on how Sony handled the situation. What is PCI? The PCI Security Standards Council which is responsible for the development, management, education, and awareness of the PCI Security Standards including Data Security Standards, Payment Application Data Security Standards and PIN transaction Security requirements. Why is this important?...

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Call of Duty Black Ops Goes 3D

On October 5th Activision Publishing Inc put out a press release stating that Call of Duty Black Ops would be going Stereoscopic 3d. Well this is great news as today October 5th 2010 is the PlayStation Canada Holiday Preview event at the newly renovated Sony Centre in downtown Toronto. Yes that put us among the first to see this newly announced mode for the Call of Duty franchise on the PlayStation 3. To continue with its annual release, Call of Duty will be coming on November 9th 2010 and is being developed by Treyarch Studios. Black Ops will be...

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