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Astro A50’s

The few of you that read this blog know that I am an Astro Gaming fan.  I purchased my first pair of A40’s over 4 years ago and you read my thoughts on them here and here.  Simply put the A40’s were amazing but back than hard to justify the shipping and import taxers. Let’s fast forward nearly 4 years and with a new generation of consoles I decided it was time to invest in a new pair of wireless headphones.  I happened to get a good marketing email from Astro showcasing their private store. This private store is for registered Astro...

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Gears of War Judgment EB Event

This evening EB games Canada hosted an invite for 75 lucky winners to check out Gears of War Judgment and go hands on with Free for All with chances to play OverRun and be one five lucky individuals get to play the single player campaign. The event started with recruits being asked to sign in and declare any positions as they wouldn’t be able to take them to their last meal, game play and your trial. Next up recruits were ordered to report for mug shots before heading upstairs to trial. Once upstairs COG recruits where offered there last...

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tehflakes @ Pax East – Day 3

Sunday marks the last day of PAX where tired legs roam the show floor for the last time. Queue’s are generally the shortest on Sunday as well. It’s the last chance for 60 thousand people to see the games, play a tabletop game and most importantly the single reason we all go to PAX is to see our friends. My Sunday plan off attack was to give the show floor a final walking and checkout Trails Evolution, Gunnar Optiks, The Witcher 2, Minecraft. I also watched people play Max Payne, Borderlands 2, Ghost Recon Future Solider which looked really...

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tehflakes @ Pax East – Day 2

The day started with a long brisk walk from our hotel to the convention centre in which we were fueled by Dunkin Donuts. Shortly after arriving at the convention centre I got in line for the Epic Games: Past, Present and Future panel hosted by Epic Games Design Director Cliff Bleszinski – President Mike Capps. Epic and Mike answered 10 questions from the community as well as a question and answer period at the end of the panel. The best part of this panel was this young lady asked a question when we will we see Gears of War...

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tehflakes @ Pax East – Day 1

Man I didn’t eat to get out of bed today, this damn hotel bad was super comfy. Anyways, why is it so hard to find a breakfast joint in Boston. Where do the locals eat breakfast? What do Boston folk each breakfast? This adventurous journey lead us through various parts of Boston like Chinatown. Finally, we arrived at the convention centre ready to set it and make new memories with my best friend, friends and new friends. After getting I’m we headed right to the show floor and I bolted for the Astro Gaming booth where I finally purchased...

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