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New Site

Well it is finally here, the new site. Sorry for any broken links – we are working on these and trying to fix as many as we can.

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Check out this video of the trailer for the new up-and-coming multiplayer online game; STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC by BioWare & LucasArts. This preview of what is up and coming for this game looks very promising, plus an added feature of being fully voiced MMO. If the game is as detailed and colorful as this trailer, WOW fans look out there is a new MMO taken over. Enjoy the rich exciting moment captured between the two ultimate powers in the STAR WARS galaxies; The Sith Empire and the Jedi Order. Which side will you choose? “Deceived” Cinematic Trailer – The sacking of Coruscant, and attack of the Jedi Temple. View the official Site for STAR WARS: THE OLD...

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