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Choose your own Ending | The Hobbit Trailer

The latest set of Trailers for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey are now available from Warner Brothers at Choose from one of five endings including Gandalf, Bilbo, Gollum, the Dwarves and Sting and share your decision with your friends. Here is a sample of the Dwarves ending: You had better start your holiday planning now for the next couple years as your going to be booked… The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will adventure into theatres on December 14, 2012 The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, is scheduled for December 13, 2013 The Hobbit: There and Back Again, on...

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Insomniac Games sneak peak at Fuse

Last week at PAX Insomniac Games’ CEO Ted Price dropped hints about a new title coming from the studio titled Fuse. To continue teasing us all they just released this video with an in game Mission briefing. This looks to be setting up an espionage (counter espionage?) style mission requiring players to acquire and secure sensitive data on behalf of an unnamed client. Fuse Mission Briefing More details will be released next week – watch the countdown timer at Insomniac Games – you have my attention, MOAR information please… I hate...

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Assassins Creed III – Naval Warfare Trailer

Just published today, Ubisoft presents the Navel Warfare Trailer for Assassins Creed III. Watch as Connor takes to the sea and battles with all cannons blasting. Board your enemies ships and lead your crew to the decks for some salty-wet hand to hand combat all along the Eastern Seaboard of Colonial America. Every time I see a new trailer I get more excited for launch October 30, 2012 – which can’t come soon...

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Assassin’s Creed III AnvilNext Trailer

The team over at Ubisoft releases a new trailer for Assassin’s Creed 3 yesterday showing the power behind AnvilNext – a new gaming engine from ubisoft. AnvilNext’s power boast support for up to 2,000 NPC characters in a single sequence (pretty amazing if you ask me) and dynamic weather conditions staying true to all the seasons experienced in North America’s frontier. These screens look crisp, clean and smooth in the video, and a show a number of fantastic looking environments to explore. This clip also gives a sneak peak into the Pre-order bonuses for AC3 (via Gamestop) that include:...

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Nike+ Kinect Training

This just in – Xbox and Nike have released a preview video of the new Nike+ Kinect Training. Taking training at home to a new level with a personalized training experience built from the ground up with inspiration from Nike trainers and the Kinect for Xbox 360. The Nike+ team up with Kinect expands on the already popular Nike+ program used by athletes all over the world, combining the Nike+ fuel program and the kinect experience to give you one up on your friends at your next appearance on the court, the track or just working out at the...

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