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Survivor 23: South Pacific

Editors note: After taking the summer off we are back and kicking. Looks like we are also transitioning right back into the Survivor spirit with a new season… here is what our Survivor expert has to say. 23rd Season of Survivor! That is right…do you feel old, because I don’t. What is there still to do twenty-three seasons later. Well we know a couple veterans are back. Ozzy and Coach! Here are my thoughts. I do think it will be a little like the last season with Russell and Rob. The rookies are vigorously going to try to get...

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Review: Carnivores

This game is a PSP Mini just out; I can’t put my PSP down since downloading it and now my kids wanna play! The game Carnivores is a graphically rich environment full of the sounds and little creatures you would expect to see and hear while on Safari hunting dinosaurs. You must start small and prove yourself a master hunter of all the different parks to travel through, but once you have earned enough trophies you will be ready for the ultimate challenge of hunting the greatest dinosaur of them all: T – Rex, King of all Dinosaurs. The...

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Fast Five – or The Last Hurrah?

Mobile Move Minute 175 goes completely off the rails (see the movie and you’ll know what we mean) as we race to the finish with Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson and hottie Jordana Brewster. Can you believe this thing has turned into a chick flick? The action is all guy town, but the women love that Vin. What am I missing here? [pro-player][/pro-player] Except for old ladies, this movie fits the bill, with 5 full-on bags of Oh-Vinnie popcorn (even from Cindy) for this non-stop-makes-no-sense action flick. See it, and rent the first, Fast and Furios. Bye, y’all....

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Source Code – or Sci Fi With A Chick Flick Ending. What?

Mobile Movie Minute 174 cracks the code as Jake Gyllenhall is ultimately seduced by hottie Michelle Monaghan and stays back in time. Or not. What? You’ll get it by the second time jump, but you won’t get the sappy chick flick ending. Vera Farmiga is featureless but effective, and Jake is somewhat convincing. [pro-player][/pro-player] 3.4 bags of blow-the-train-up-again-and-again popcorn for this it-couldn’t-happen-here-could-it flick. The Mobile Movie Minute Archives are freakin’ unbelievable. Subscribe to the Mobile Movie Minute Podcast....

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