Month: December 2013

Review – Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood hit the Xbox One store on Friday. For some reason I thought I had read somewhere that it wouldn’t be out until early 2014 so I was pleasantly surprised to see the launch announcement Friday morning. After work was done, I was anxious to get home and sink my teeth into this quirky little title. Max has a little brother named Felix and as far as little brothers go, he’s rather annoying. One this particular day, Max sought out a way to get rid of Felix on the internet by way of a spell....

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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Out Now

Well, apparently I was either completely asleep at the switch or I forgot┬ábut anyway, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood has hit Xbox One today. This is actually one of those titles that I instantly knew I needed to play when I saw the first trailer for it and luckily for me, I will be playing it tonight. I can’t wait it looks absolutely beautiful. Thanks Microsoft Anyway, check out some new screenshots of Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and check back with us for a full review in the coming days (I...

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My Christmas Wishlist 2013

Dear Santa, I know that I’m cutting it pretty damn close to the big day but as always, here’s my Christmas Wishlist. I’m writing this a little later than usual because as you know, life can be crazy with a wife, my daughter, work and everything in between. This year has had it’s share of ups and downs for me but it looks like I’m going to make it out of 2013 after all. I’ve been very well behaved and have managed to not break a single controller all year long (HUGE WIN!). My gamerscore continues to climb to...

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Review – Ryse: Son of Rome

As one of the premiere exclusives announced for the Xbox One earlier this year, Ryse was met with some considerable push back and scathing comments from gamers and journalists alike for it’s gameplay demo. Crytek took those criticisms and ran with them looking to fix as much as they could in a relatively short amount of time. Ryse puts players in the control of Marius Titus, who witnesses his family get brutally murdered by a band of Barbarians. In an act of rage and vengeance, he seeks out a role in the Roman Army. Marius’ story unfolds as he...

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Review – Dead Rising 3

The Next Generation of gaming is finally upon us and shambling in at the front of the line is the 3rd installment of Capcom’s highly successful and popular franchise, Dead Rising 3. As a lover of all things Zombies, DR3 is a natural fit for me and was a day one pickup for my Xbox One. I was sold the very second I laid eyes on in-game footage – The sheer number of zombies on screen easily eclipses previous installments and I knew Capcom was on to something special here. Dead Rising 3 gives us a new protagonist in...

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