Skyrim bug update and patch

Skyrim is getting a title update from Bethesda which fixes a number of items that gamers have been complaining about in the forums. Check out the list below to see the updates coming your way this week.

UPDATE 1.2 (all platforms unless specified):

  • Improved occasional performance issues resulting from long term play (PlayStation 3)
  • Fixed issue where textures would not properly upgrade when installed to drive (Xbox 360)
  • Fixed crash on startup when audio is set to sample rate other than 44100Hz (PC)
  • Fixed issue where projectiles did not properly fade away
  • Fixed occasional issue where a guest would arrive to the player’s wedding dead
  • Dragon corpses now clean up properly
  • Fixed rare issue where dragons would not attack
  • Fixed rare NPC sleeping animation bug
  • Fixed rare issue with dead corpses being cleared up prematurely
  • Skeleton Key will now work properly if player has no lockpicks in their inventory
  • Fixed rare issue with renaming enchanted weapons and armor
  • Fixed rare issue with dragons not properly giving souls after death
  • ESC button can now be used to exit menus (PC)
  • Fixed occasional mouse sensitivity issues (PC)
  • General functionality fixes related to remapping buttons and controls (PC)

Assassin’s Creed Revelations DLC Announced

Just one day after release Ubisoft announces DLC for Assassin’s Creed Revelations, The Ancestors Character Pack, which will feature four new multiplayer characters: the swashbuckling Privateer, the devious siren Corsair, the battle-tested Brigand and the bloodthirsty Gladiator.

The Ancestors Character Pack will be available for download December 13 for $3.99 on the PlayStation®Network and 320 Microsoft Points on XBOX LIVE®. The first two downloadable content packs are available for pre-order today.

Assassin’s Creed Revelations – “Previously On” Trailer

Are you new to Assassin’s Creed?

If so here is a quick catch-up on the previous titles to get you ready for the newest chapter of Desmond and his assassin ancestors, Ezio and Altair.

If you are a long time fan of the series this video offers a brief refresher and a glimpse of what is to come.

Get the Game now at your local Retailer or online.

Halo Living Monument

Today Microsoft and 343 industries announced the launch of the Halo Living Monument. The monument is a place where gamers can upload pictures of their favourite “Halo” memories and watch as they blend and merge into the the stream of images submitted by other fans from all over the world in an interactive, 3D mosaic image of Master Chief.

Catch the Trailer:

The Halo Living Monument was created in celebration of the 10th anniversary launch of “Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary” edition.

*NOTE: Halo Living Monument experience not available in Google Chrome.

Review: Gears of War 3

Gears of War 3 Horde Command Pack

In a way I’m sad to write this review, knowing that after the final moments in Gears of war 3 the Franchise will be forever changed. We fought hard people and paid a dear price, but in the end – brothers stood shoulder to shoulder and took on the challenge instead of rolling over and giving up all hope.

In the time between Gears 2 and Gears 3 a number of major events occurred in the world of the COG – many of which are hinted at during game play, but are detailed in the book Gears of War: Coalition’s End. If you haven’t read this book I’d recommend you head over to your local book store, or click the link and get it delivered, and pick up this book to fill in the missing details.

Putting aside gameplay for now, it’s the 3rd game and gameplay hasn’t changed from the first two, I’ll instead focus on the story-line (no spoilers promise) of Gears 3. Humanity is facing it’s darkest days and both the COG and the Locust have their hands full of with the Lambent right from the start of the game. Delta squad is once again called upon to face odds of epic proportions right from the start of the game.

Taking on the entire might of the horde is one thing, but adding in the explosive Lambent to this struggle for Humanity adds a new level of intensity to this story. New mutations, new tactics and new locations will draw players in, chew them up and spit them out on the other side. Adding in additional support for up to four players in co-op and competitive points co-op brings the comradeship of Delta Squad and the COG to life. While I believe the point system in the competitive co-op is a silly gimmick, and an unnecessary addition, finding a open game to join never seems to be a problem.

Players will also be introduced to a few new weapons, most notable include the Retro Lancer (with a giant Bayonet), the Digger (an underground popup bomb) and the one shot – one kill sniper rifle with an explosive kick. New turits, new shotguns and the new two person Vulocan Cannon will also be found along your journeys, but I’ll let you introduce yourself to these fun toys of destruction.

The voice acting and writing are both fantastic, including dialog from veteran voice actors like John DiMaggio (Marcus), Lester Speight (Cole), Fred Tatasciore (Baird), and Carlos Ferro (Dom). You will also encounter long time fan of the Gears series, Ice-T (Griffin) an unlockable multiplayer character and in game bad ass.

Taking players across the entire length of Sera by Sea, Land and air you will encounter a number of old friends and familiar locations, like Cole’s home town and place of worship – the Thrashball Stadium, and the famous Anvil Gate – a refuge for the last of the displaced citizens of the COG.

New multiplayer modes also enhance this title adding in game modes that allow players to take the roll of the Horde and attack waves of COG soldiers and heroes, play vs matches as either COG or Horde and the return of Horde mode for grinding out levels and kills. With new maps and a few throwbacks, plus the promise of future DLC, hours of game play are just waiting for you to plugin and log on.

Feed Your Console gives Gears of War 3: 9 out of 10.


  • Epic story line, providing many conclusions to series spanning story lines
  • Fun new weapons
  • Voice acting is top notch
  • Multiplayer game play and DLC extends the value and fun


  • Point system in the competitive co-op is a silly gimmick
  • It’s the last one in the series – all good things have to end

Review – Assassins Creed: Revelations

*** Potential Spoiler Alert! This review may contain some minor spoilers to game play, new skills and plot lines for Assassins Creed: Revelations ***

The story starts off retelling the main points of the previous games and mentions the mysterious Apple of Eden that was left behind by “the others”. Desmond is still in a coma and stuck in the animus. He wakes up in the animus on a beach surrounded by strange stone pillars. It’s explained to him by a previous animus user, who is also on “Animus Island”, that his mind is broken and that they’re in the guts of the animus. We learn that Desmond was placed there by someone, thus saving his life because his mind was fracturing blurring the distinction between his memories and reality.

From there we’re reintroduced to a much older Ezio who seems to be recounting his travels to his and the story opens up just as we saw him in the first major trailer for AC:Revelations, in the midst of a battle, surrounded he sees a vision of Altair and allows himself to be captured. His captors are preparing to execute Ezio high above the mountains with a noose wrapped around his neck – it’s here that Ezio performs his escape. Even in his much older state, Ezio still moves with cat-like reflexes as he shadows Altair’s shadow movements during the following tutorial.

Revelations takes Ezio to Constantinople which features 4 districts and Masayaf, the original game’s Assassin stronghold, as he attempts to retraces Altair’s footsteps in the search of a powerful artifact that was sealed away by Altair.  In between each major DNA memory segment, the game takes us back to Desmond in his comatose state on “Animus Island”. At times, dialogue is overheard from the real world explaining what is happening in the real world and through conversations with the other inhabitant.

Animus Island is also home to a series of gateways to Desmond’s mind. Each doorway is accessed only after acquiring a predetermined set of Data fragments found throughout the game. Once acquired, Desmond is thrust into a bizarre first person sequence which has him recounting moments long forgotten as he jumps over minor obstacles and builds paths to bridge the gaps in his memory.

Graphically the game hasn’t changed much aside from a few minor tweaks, some sharper models and smoother animations. The controls are exactly the same with only a few new minor additions, which, isn’t a bad thing because I always felt that the controls were fine the way they were. Much of the audio is recycled from previous titles so expect to hear a lot of the same dialogue from the townsfolk you’ve heard over the last few years.

Some changes to look to include a few new tricks which include crafting bombs, aerial kills with the use of a parachute and the new “Hook Blade”. Using ingredients like Lambs blood, Indian gun powder, sulphur and casings Ezio has a pretty wide array of bombs to build. For example, Cherry bombs create a loud noise and draw guards to the location of the sound while blood bombs give the enemy a sense that he’s been injured thus taking away his will to fight and running away. Crafting bombs require 3 parts – a shell, gunpowder and an effect. The crafting is performed at specific crafting locations peppered throughout the world.

Another notable change in Ezio’s arsenal is called the “Hook Blade”. The Hook Blade essentially makes it easier for Ezio to hit longer jumps or get to those slightly out of reach points by tapping the B button to hook onto the edge allowing him to pull himself up. The Hook blade can also be used to make the slip on your enemies allowing Ezio to hook their clothing and jump over them or create new combat combos.

Series favourites such as recruiting Assassins and purchasing shops are back. Recruiting new assassins to aid in the cause to overthrow the Templar’s control in other cities is both fun and rewarding.  Once these recruits have gained enough experience, Ezio can assign them as a ‘district leader’. These district leaders will also provide new quests to Ezio when he visits their areas. But beware! There are also rival assassins to be on the lookout for, on more than a few occasions, I’ve been attacked by other assassins and had to chase them down, which leads to the next logical question – Who hired them?

The multiplayer experience has also received some attention adding: new locations, characters and modes like Capture the Flag and a story oriented set of quests that reveal more background to the world of Assassins Creed.

Assassins Creed: Revelations is a lot of the same you’ve come to expect from the series. It has to be with the frequency of releases the series is getting, there’s just no time to flesh out anything new and groundbreaking to the franchise. That’s not necessarily a bad thing considering the big driving factor for me with the Assassins Creed series is the compelling story. The voice cast, townsfolk not withstanding, is still every bit as good as we’ve come accustomed to from the series. I will admit that I’ve grown tired of Ezio and would have preferred to do more with Desmond and/or Altair – I just don’t feel that Altair has been given enough respect.

Feed Your Console gives Assassins Creed: Revelations an 8.5 out of 10


  • The Story – The narrative is compelling and interesting
  • Gameplay – More of the same in a critically acclaimed series can’t be all that bad
  • Desmond’s Memory Sequences – Adds some interesting background to Desmond and gives a slower paced break to the game
  • Altair – We haven’t seen/heard much of him since the original title. It’s good to go back to the beginning


  • Audio – I’ve grown weary of hearing the exact same audio from the towns folk for 3 years
  • Online Death Matches  – I like the story mode multiplayer, but , I’m just not buying into the multiplayer experience.

Assassin’s Creed Embers Trailer

The UbiWorkshop team working closely with the Assassin’s Creed Brand Team to develop an independent story line for the upcoming release of Assassin’s Creed Embers. Embers, an animated movie depicting the life of Ezio Auditore 10 years after entering retirement from the assassin’s guild he helped rebuild in AC: Brotherhood.

Now living in a cozy Tuscan villa with his wife and their two children, Ezio Auditore spends his time enjoying the company of family, old friends and cultivating his vineyards. The life of this former Assassin Mentor will not stay quiet for long. One day a mysterious Assassin shows up at Ezio’s door quite unexpectedly, begging for Ezio’s aid. Will this old assassin’s fire die out before he can save the ones he love, or will it burn brightly one last time?

The UbiWorkshop group developed this movie using several of the same digital assets from Assassin’s Creed II, only reworking the main characters using a more traditional CG animation approach. While rebuilding the City of Florence in Embers the team used the same environment assets as the game, but we are able to generate a different aesthetic to them that gives us a unique feel for the movie.

Important for continuity purposes the voice talents are the same that are portraying the game characters, so for example Roger Craig Smith (Ezio Auditore) really invested himself in what would be his last performance in his most famous video game role. Anna Tuveri portrays Sofia, Ezio’s wife, a role she reprises from Assassin’s Creed Revelations. Angela Galuppo jumped on the great opportunity to portray Shao Jun, the new Chinese Assassin.

Where can you see this Movie?
If you are lucky enough Assassin’s Creed Embers will debut and have its world premiere at the Montreal Festival of Nouveau Cinema. The film will also be distributed for purchase on XBOX Live & the PlayStation network and will be available with different Assassin’s Creed Revelations Collector’s Editions depending where you live.