Month: August 2011

“Geared” up for Multi-player

The team behind Gears of War 3 recently released the full list of Launch day maps. Seven news maps plus the three beta maps will be available for your curb stomping, Grub killing, Beast and hoard mode pleasure. Long time fans will be please to see an all time favourite map, from both Gears 1 and 2, will be returning with a slight twist – Gridlock at night… oh and a special surprise awaits at the bottom of the list. Here is the full list of maps along with a description for “Gears of War 3” Multi-player: Checkout –...

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Driver San Francisco – Dev Diaries

Having some hands on time with this game at a couple of recent events I was pleasantly surprised at how intuitive the new features and the game play for Driver San Francisco are. Having never played any of the previous Driver games, I’m actually not a fan of driving games, I was shocked at how well the Cars handled and how easy some of the new game play features made this a game I’m actually looking forward to getting my hands on. The detail that the Ubisoft team put into this game is incredible. Using similar techniques to the...

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Just Dance 3 set list

Ubisoft is burning up the dance floor with the Just Dance franchise lining up some great new songs and a number of classics dance tunes. Don’t take our word for it – go look at the set list yourself it includes 80’s classics from A-ha and Bananarama, some 90’s dance beats from the Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk and instant classics like Cee Lo Green’s (the clean version) “Forget you”. Just Dance 3 will include updated game play and a number of new game features. For example: songs that feature 4-part choreographies, Dance mashup mode, create their own unique...

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More Pre-order Announcements

Future Shop recently sent over a new list of upcoming pre-order bonus items for some of the hottest games coming to shelves this fall season. Honestly the best of the all seems to be the exclusive Batman case… Skip to the bottom and check out the Steelbook casing that comes along with your pre-order. 1. FIFA 2012: Pre-order customers of FIFA 2012 receive one month subscription service to MLS Match Day Live. A $10 value. Releases September 27. 2. Dark Souls: Free upgrades to the Collector’s Edition for all pre-order customers. The Collector’s Edition includes a limited edition metal...

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Review: Carnivores

This game is a PSP Mini just out; I can’t put my PSP down since downloading it and now my kids wanna play! The game Carnivores is a graphically rich environment full of the sounds and little creatures you would expect to see and hear while on Safari hunting dinosaurs. You must start small and prove yourself a master hunter of all the different parks to travel through, but once you have earned enough trophies you will be ready for the ultimate challenge of hunting the greatest dinosaur of them all: T – Rex, King of all Dinosaurs. The...

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