Month: June 2011

Review: Duke Nukem Forever

Editors Note: This is a guest review by one of our faithful community members – FlyinHotdogVndr. What to submit a guest review of your own? Email us at webcomments @ with the subject “review: [Game Name]” Duke Nukem 3D changed my life. Now, I either have to be an outright liar, a victim of some kind of nostalgic psychosis or one of the bigger (not to mention older) gaming geeks you’ve ever met. I first played Duke Nukem as a shareware side scroller. When Duke was reborn as a first person shooter, it wasn’t a hard sell to...

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Playstation Network Down Time

I didn’t want to blog about every single thing that was going on with Playstation network being hacked and the service being turned off. I’ve gone a head and put a timeline together of all the events that happened as well. I’ve also wanted to talk about PCI standards and my opinions on how Sony handled the situation. What is PCI? The PCI Security Standards Council which is responsible for the development, management, education, and awareness of the PCI Security Standards including Data Security Standards, Payment Application Data Security Standards and PIN transaction Security requirements. Why is this important?...

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First Sony, Now Nintendo

MSNBC is reporting that Nintendo may be the most recent victim in a string of gaming related security threats. The same group claiming the breaking on the Sony PSN (and other services) has come forward with internal Nintendo server information. The Lulz Security group has stated that they are trying to help Nintendo by pointing out this potential flaw in hopes that they will take action and plug this potential vulnerability. In fact they professed a level of love for older Nintendo consoles and that this hack was just for fun. While Nintendo claims no ‘third party’ (meaning gamer) data was taken, they did recognize the intrusion and will hopefully begin to address the weak point in their network security. One final thought… Microsoft are you watching, and learning and adapting… I sure hope...

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