Month: May 2011

Oh Canada! What a night for gamers

Oh what a night indeed, one that saw the Canadian gaming community join forces and put aside their console of choice in order to recognize the great things that we produce right here in our own backyard. Mix in a generous helping of representatives from major Canadian gaming development studios, a number of indy/student and social gaming companies and add a healthy sprinkling of gaming fans tossed if for flavor. It was delicious!!! A major feast for your senses.   Video Games Live played a major part in the nights festivities, treating the audience to the sounds of your...

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Wii 2 video leaked

Is this really the Wii 2 or just a lost leader. Check out this video taken in a developer meeting with Nintendo showing what could be the next Wii. Xbox like Remotes with digital displays and a new case are shown on the screen… But is it a hoax or is it real? You...

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Review – L.A. Noire

Rockstar is one of those companies that announces games and people immediately sit up and take notice. L.A. Noire, the joint effort from Team Bondi and Rockstar is no different. As one of the more highly anticipated titles this year. Noire hopes to leave an impression on gamers and quite an impression it is. Set in the backdrop of LA in the 1940s, L.A. Noire puts the gamer in the shoes of a young and ambitious war hero turned LA Police Officer, Cole Phelps. His first real call is to the scene of a murder where the player is shown the basics of how to move and perform detective work. Knowing that this could be his big break he along with his partner immediately set out in search of the perpetrator. This sets Phelps up for a fast tracked career amongst the ranks of L.A.’s finest police officer. The detective work is done by searching crime scenes for clues all of which will give Cole other options when it times comes to ¬†interrogate suspects and question witnesses. When searching for the clues the controller will jolt ever so slightly in your hand letting you know that something is nearby that requires investigation and an ominous musical score plays gently in the background and will stop once all the clues have been found letting the player know that they can...

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Survivor Wrap Up

Well another season (#22) on Survivor comes to an end and we have a newly crowned Sole Survivor – After four tries “Boston” Rob Mariano is finally the Big money winner. Taking top spot over Former Special Agent (?) Sheppard, and Survivor’s youngest player Natalie. Also in a not so surprising announcement Matt and Rob went head to head for Sprints People’s Choice player with Boston Rob coming out on top of a very close voting tally (Rob – 40%, Matt – 36%, others – 24%). Congrats to Boston Rob – winner of $1.1 M in Survivor 21 “Redemption...

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It’s Alive – PSN Coming Back on NOW!

Sometime while I was in slumber land Sony President Kaz Hirai announced that the PSN had begun it’s phased restoration starting with the new firmware AND online gaming. I can confirm that my Playstation is online and updating as I post this. That’s good news! For more details click...

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