Month: December 2010

The King’s Speech – or Who Knew?

Mobile Movie Minute 167 takes a jaunt down memory lane to 70 years ago when radio was everywhere and the King had to be Kingly.  Tough if you’re George The Sixth and have a speech impediment.  In rushes Geoffrey Rush to save the day for King Colin Firth. [pro-player][/pro-player] Terrific acting and a good story to-boot! Unusual these days, imho.  4.0 bags of are-you-talkin’-to-me popcorn for this footnote to history. The Mobile Movie Minute Archives are freakin’ unbelievable. Subscribe to the Mobile Movie...

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Mini-Series Review – Dead Set

I had some serious issue staying asleep last night and accidentally stumbled upon a series called Dead Set on Space Channel (Canada’s version of Sci-fi). From what I can gather, Dead Set is an original series created for the E4 network in the UK and aired in 2008. The show follows the contestants and some crew members during the filming of the popular TV show “Big Brother”. On eviction night however, something goes horribly wrong as an audience member is bitten by a zombie and thus begins the shit storm that follows.  When I turned it on, I noticed the film grain was pretty low quality and I had no idea who any of these actors and actresses so I really wasn’t expecting much but as a sucker for anything zombie related, I felt compelled to at least give it a chance. I was pleasantly surprised by the series. The acting was better than expected and the story was more than entertaining albeit filled with cliches that are expected in all zombie stories. The make-up effects really shine through in here. The zombies looked visceral and scary and made some great guttural sounds that could raise the hair on the back of your neck and be sure to pay special attention near the end as an obvious nod to the master George Romero’s Day of the Dead is displayed...

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Review – Avatar Collectors Edition

I loved Avatar and even rank it in my top 3 of all time movies so when I heard there would be 3 Disc collectors edition coming out this year, I knew I had to have this but I couldn’t wait that long so when the movie came out originally, I bought it on previously viewed DVD knowing full well I’d be getting the Collectors Edition (Thanks Santa). This movie is the crown jewel in James Camerons career and any film buffs movie collection. It is the very definition of what makes BluRay so awesome and something I really enjoy. There really is no quality loss from movie theater to home theater. Every hair and minor detail of this film is absolutely beautiful and there in full HD complete with stunning color. Along with the crisp HD transfer, the collectors edition is complete 3 different versions of the movie and a slew of extras spanning across 3 discs. The Original Theatrical version, the recently theatrical re-release with 8 minutes of extra footage andthe Collectors Edition with 16 minutes of new footage embedded directly in the movie where Cameron intended it to be. More movies need to do this because there’s nothing more annoying when buying special editions of movies that tout “Extra footage” only to see that it’s buried in some lame subsection of the extras menu and not...

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Tron Legacy – or The Dude Returns In 3D!

Mobile Movie Minute 166 strikes out on xmas eve for our annual movie spectacular.  Tron Legacy is our goodwill tiding for this year, and it’s a tired bit of rehashed tedium, with lots of IMAX 3D goodness. [pro-player][/pro-player] Jeff Bridges jumped the shark a long time ago, so he’s a write off from the beginning.  See it if you’re a cultist, otherwise, buy the Daft Punk soundtrack.  3.1 bags of bigger-is-much-better popcorn for this wait-for-The-Blackhole-is-next in a series of Disney does rehashes. The Mobile Movie Minute Archives are freakin’ unbelievable. Subscribe to the Mobile Movie...

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