Month: November 2010

SlayerAgamon’s Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, Has it been almost 365 days already? So many good games released in 2010, so little time to play them all..and let as I have a stack of games still waiting to be played. I’m obsessed with buying more..or rather asking for a few gems this season and a few minor wishes. 1. It’s been over year and yet still I can’t get the imagery and shakes brought forth from playing Dead Space to cease. Please make Dead Space 2 just as deliciously horrifying and this time with some single player DLC that the first could’ve had....

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Sad Day – Leslie Nielsen Passes Away

Leslie Nielsen, bets known for his roles in Airplane and the Naked Gun series passed away this weekend at the age of 84. He passed away peacefully in his sleep due to complications from pneumonia. This Canadian born actor has played more than 220 characters in over 100 movies and 1500 TV shows and even has a star on the Hollywood walk of Fame. This guy was just hilarious and comedy just seemed to come naturally to him as evidenced in the below blooper from an interview. I’ve also found a really good compilation of some of his funniest...

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Rumor – Halo Nemesis?

While trolling the internet, I came across a post in a forum that posted a supposed leak from what 343 Industries is working on. Interestingly enough the top corner says “Halo Nemesis”. Further to that point, it’s in 3rd person perspective. If this is a new Halo, I think that could be neat but something tells me this is BS. What do you guys...

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VGA Rumor – Resident Evil, Mass Effect and Bioshock?

Well as some of you might have seen, I posted my annual Wishlist to Santa Claus and in there some may have noticed few snippets and wondered “a new Resident Evil game and Mass Effect?”. I can say with all certainty that an unnamed source has confirmed to me 2 guaranteed announcements and 1 they weren’t positive on but were certain that it existed but possibly wouldn’t make it to the VGAs. Mass Effect (2.5?) is to be announced at the VGAs. My source tells me it was originally planned to be released as DLC but soon ballooned to...

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Dear Santa

Dear Santa, Looks like that time of year is on us already so I’m sending along my Christmas Wish list to you nice and early with the hopes that you can help me out. Last year I asked for some new controllers because I’ve had a problem with them becoming airborne – I can safely say that it wasn’t as much an issue this year as it has been previously, however, I admit that recently I’ve experienced them feeling the need to once again spread their wings while I play Call of Duty: Black Ops. At any rate, here’s...

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