Nintendo Holiday Event 2010

Nintendo Holiday EventTonight I had the pleasure of heading down to see Nintendo’s Holiday Lineup and get my hands on the latest titles coming to the Wii and DS for all you Nintendo Gamers out there.

I have to say Nintendo holds the keys on home party games for the whole crew, with Wii Party your going to be the host with the most at your next party.  So many mini games and team challenges your guests will be laughing and entertained all night long.  Mix in a few adult sodas and your guests will never want to leave.

Perfect for causal gamers and Family friendly.

Maybe you are more of a puzzle gamer, looking for the next riddle to cross your path?  Well take heart, Professor Layton is back with his third title “Professor Layton and the Unwound Future“. Use your skills of deduction and riddle solving to help Luke and the Professor solve a mystery, a mystery from the future…

Perfect for puzzle and portable gamers.

Artists and those just learning to draw will want to get there hands on Art Academy. A step-by-step learn to draw program that lets event the worst artist (thats me) to draw a work of art. Just look at the tree I was able to draw following the instructions provided by the in-game art Tutor.

Ice Mario
Mario in Ice

Mvern78 talking with
Nintendo Canada

On Location:
Trush Holmes Empire

A great event all around with so many titles we just couldn’t get to them all… But based on what we saw, Nintendo Gamers are going to have a long very wishlist this holiday season

Review – The Walking Dead: Pilot Episode

The Walking Dead

I’ve only been reading The Walking Dead series for 3 years now but I’m ravenous for the series so when I found out this was coming to TV, I was excited until I heard it was AMC. I was hoping for Sho or HBO to pick it up and AMC was still relatively new here in Canada so I was ignorant to what they could do. Then as info started to filter it’s way out and images made their way to the net – I grew so bloody excited with each new nugget of information.

I’ve seen the pilot episode – IT WAS AMAZING!!! The source material is treated with the utmost respect with some changes to keep us longtime readers guessing. Almost immediately, we get the sense of what AMC is willing to do when Rick comes across a little girl who happens to be an amazingly disfigured zombie and he pets her out of his misery with a gruesome bullet to the head. We then get a flashback to Rick before the fit hit the shan and his relationship with his partner Shane. The action picks back up with the famous car/shootout scene we’ve all watched in the trailer and BOOM! He wakes up some time later after everything goes to hell.

The zombies look incredible and the atmosphere is truly eerie – Something that’s been missing from all zombie movies in recent years. Don’t get me wrong, I love Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead but they’re too comedic to be taken seriously as zombie movies

This show is money in the bank for AMC and everyone involved. Hats off to AMC, Robert Kirkman, Frank Darabont, Gale Anne Hurd, the cast and especially the fucking make-up crew!!! MUST SEE TV HERE FOLKS. Don’t miss it when it hits the waves this (Halloween)Sunday at 10pm EST.

In the meantime; check out the motion comic they did – Great work done here and I actually know one of the guys doing the sound mixing and editing on this project.

Tron: Legacy

Ohhhh SNAP!!!

Came across this in my net viewings today. A new trailer/video from Daft Punk feauring some awesome footage of the new Tron movie set to come out soon.

31 Days of Horror – Day 18

Feast 3: The Happy Finish

I really didn’t know what to expect from this movie. It was on late one night and was a horror movie I’d never seen before so I was game to check it out…Eff me gently is this ever a dumb goddamn movie. Apparently this flaming turd is an immediate continuation from its predecessor. Not that I’m ever going to watch it because…god damn…I really can’t shake the dirty off me. As I was saying, the movie starts off as a direct continuation from the predecessor as each character is deep into confrontation with the beasts with what’s supposed to be a humorous look at each character and their :likelihood to survive…One girl who i gathered to be a Timex watch from their description of her finally gets finished off by having her head ripped off by the beast, promptly eaten and then we get the heads perspective as it makes the way down the digestive tract and promptly gets crapped out. I mean we literally see the beasts butt open and close as it squeezes out this girls head as a fresh piece of crap.

Honestly – Stay the hell away from this piece of shit. I’m gonna go pour liquid soap into my eyes…maybe bleach.

Enjoy this crappy clip.

31 Days of Horror: Day 17

The Exorcist

When a young girl, Regan McNeil, begins exhibiting strange behavior, her mother takes her to a series of doctors. After the doctors fail to recognize what is happening, strange phenomena surrounds Regan her mother is left with one option – To enlist the help of 2 priests, one who questions the existence of god and another who is haunted by an archaeological dig from his past which foreshadows this confrontation.

I haven’t seen this movie in years so I felt it was necessary to check it out again in my adulthood since this movie really is a classic by all accounts but is it really what many call “The scariest movie of all time”?

In short, no…Not even close. I respect what the movie did for the horror genre back in the 70s – It raised the bar for horror movies by which all aspire to be but ultimately fail in. The Exorcist was (from what I’ve been told) terrifying in it’s day, they showed things that had never been done before – Who thinks to have a 12yr old girl stab herself in the genitals with a crucifix all while blasting out obscenities to “the All Mighty” or the green pea soup vomit fest (I still chuckle at that scene cause it reminds me of Scary Movie). What about the head spinning?

The makeup effects are something special though and I admit that Regan looks positively amazing and I can see how she’d look positively terrifying back in the 70s.

The movie is slow and plodding – which quite frankly put me to sleep a few times…This should be Day 17,18,19 and 20 but that would be a huge cop-out. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is that I’m not into but I just don’t feel like this movie holds its age very well. If you’ve never seen the movie, you should probably check it out just to say you watched “The Scariest Movie Ever” and laughed or fell asleep because of boredom – That would make you wicked awesome but it’s hardly the end of the world if you decide to take a pass on this one.

31 Days of Horror: Days 15 and 16

Dawn of the Dead (1978)

This particular day I decided that I wanted to check out the original Dawn movie and immediately watch the Zack Snyder remake from 2004. Both are great movies but for different reasons. So lets start with the original title.

The sequel to the popular Night of the Living Dead follows 2 SWAT team members, a TV traffic helicopter pilot, and his reporter girlfriend as they take up refuge in a shopping mall during the mounting threat from the massive infection that’s turning the population into zombies.

We could talk about Romeros well documented and often talked about social commentary about the trappings of consumerism in the late 70s and into the 80s, but, I don’t give a crap about that. I’ll say the message is there, it’s not hard to find but it’s not thrown in your face because really we just care about the survivors and how they’ll get out of their current predicament. The make-up effects were actually kind of crappy at times (blue skin anyone?)yet really cool and visceral at other times. It’s really more of a fun movie which was a departure from the original Night of the Living Dead which was suspenseful and scary too. One thing that did annoy the piss out of me was one of the SWAT guys who kept hooting and hollering like a woman. I get he was trying to draw their attention but damn dude – grow some balls and sound more manly.

If you love Zombies, you have to see this movie.

Dawn of the Dead (2004)

In my opinion, this to remake a horror movie. Zack Snyder takes the source material and makes it his own without departing too much from the original. He does take some liberties with the characters and their background but I really enjoyed what was done. He did away with the shitty music, the annoying screaming the SWAT guys from the original and he even pay homage to it with small cameos by a few of the original actors. The zombies are incredible to look and creepy to see.

If you’ve seen the original and liked it, you should check this out. If you’re a purist and against the idea of remaking classics, then you probably want to avoid it.

31 Days of Horror: Day 14


Hellraiser was one of the only movies my father forbid me from watching. I mean I grew up on Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street so when this movie came out my friends and I had to get it on weekend. My father insisted that he see it before we did because he’s also a huge horror movie buff. He took it back that evening to prevent us from getting to see it and told us that it’s not a movie we should be watching. Fastforward a few years later and I checked it out finally.

A woman and her husband move to his old family home where she meets the undead version of her brother-in-law, Frank, whom she’d had sex with behind her husbands back. He relays his story of debauchery and selfishness that nets him a small wooden puzzle box that would lead to “untold pleasure”. After solving the box, he finds that the untold pleasure is in fact a sadomasochistic version of Hell full of chains, hooks and some of the most sick and twisted shit anyone could imagine (I think I know someone who’s into this sort of thing too). When Frank escapes the Cenobites, he enlists the help of Julia to bring him people and kill them for him so he can absorb their blood and flesh to get a second chance at life.

Stephen King is quotes as saying “”I have seen the future of the horror genre, and his name is Clive Barker.” While I agree that Barker is pretty ingenious at times, I think Mr.King was wrong. Sure Barker has done some good things but most of it is garbage – This was the crown jewel in his career in my opinion. In a decade of horror movies, this movie went places nobody else would or could (at least in the form of a major release). He set the bar for sick and twisted that every current ‘Shock Horror” movie now uses today. The Cenobite designs are awesome and scream S&M dungeon hell which is exactly what he was going for. The gore was awesome though not necessarily cheesy. The characters come off a little flat though not necessarily due to poor acting in all cases. Even in it’s age, the movie still shows well. A must see for any horror fan.

31 Days of Horror: Day 13

Lucky number 13 here at our Days of horror countdown… and tonight I bring forth the DC/vertigo Horror Comic turned movie, Constantine.

The troubled supernatural detective John Constantine, played by Keanu Reeves, is tasked with stopping the forces of Hell from crossing over to the Mortal realm. Helping John is a young and inexperienced apprentice Chas Kramer (Shia LaBeouf) and the hottie psychic Cop Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz).

John lands in the middle of Angela’s investigation into the sudden and tragic suicide of her twin sister, a sin the sends your soul straight to hell. Angela seeks for John’s help in researching the occult, after clues found investigating her sister suicide point in that direction.

As a man returned from Hell himself, John’s life mission is returning the souls of the damned back to the place they belong in the hopes of saving his own blacked soul. Sadly, selfish acts are hardly looked upon as an eraser in the eyes of heaven, no matter how well intentioned your purposes are, and John must search for other ways to solve the riddles of Hell and prevent calamity from reaching the human world.

Along the way several highly recognized and powerful half-demons and half-angels are encountered and offer in their own twisted views of the wars between Heaven and Hell. Gabriel (Tilda Swinton) and Balthazar (Gavin Rossdale) are busy scheming and trying to turn the tides of the this unending struggle.

To stop the son of Satan, John will have to pull out all the stops including exorcism, communion and may even call on for the help of his oldest enemy.

A great movie for Comic and horror fans a like. Catch it if you never seen it, if it’s been a long time – watch it again.

Fable III: A Call to Action

A new developer diary featuring new gameplay footage that takes you to the forefront of revolution in “Fable III,”. Alongside some colourful commentary from the Lionhead Studios team, including Creative Director Peter Molyneux. Get new details on the ever-evolving world of Albion as a result of your alliances and promises, and the consequences of your actions.

Available on Oct. 26, fans who purchase “Fable III” will receive in every new copy a one-time-use Xbox LIVE redemption card that will grant access to exclusive downloadable content:

  • Call forth undead minions to your aid with the Raise Dead Potion
  • Extend battle time for more attacks with the Slow Time Potion
  • For the fashionably conscious, try on and keep the Scot Male Hero Outfit or the Scot Female Hero Outfit
  • Looking to get inked? The Highlander Tattoo Set will be perfect for your hero or heroine
  • With the Red Setter Dog Skin, you can transform your faithful furry companion into a whole new breed

See you in Albion!!

31 Days of Horror: Triple Bill – Days 10,11 & 12

The Lost Boys

In honor of the recent release of the 3rd movie in The Lost Boys franchise, I decided that it would be a good idea to sit down and watch all 3 movies in a row.

I have insanely fond memories of the Lost Boys and can easily say that it’s one of my all time favorites that just doesn’t get old. My buddies and I snuck into the drive-in as kids when it was playing there and watched it and then asked one of our parents to take us to see it from the beginning, which, they did (the world wasn’t as anal back then). My friends and I loved every second of the movie. We even reserved it when it came out on VHS and all had a sleepover and watched it over and over.

The movie is about a boy named Sam (Corey Haim) and his family move to Santa Carla California. Sam is just your average 14 or 15yr old guy. He collects comics, he likes girls(though, there is a strange pinup poster of Rob Lowe in his bedroom), he misses MTV and is bored so 1 day while walking on the boardwalk, he meets the Edgar(Corey Feldman) and Alan (Jamison Newlander), The Frog Brothers. They tell Sam that Santa Carla is the “Murder Capital of the World” and that the reason for it …Vampires. Sam promptly expresses his disbelief but he takes the comic they give him called “Destroy all Vampires” knowing that their number is on the back. Shortly after arriving, his older brother Michael (Jason Patric) falls in with a crowd of rough bikers led by a blonde haired bad boy by the name of David (Keifer Sutherland)and that’s when the movie really gets going.

The movie really catapulted the careers of Corey Haim and Feldman and they became known as “The 2 Coreys”. They would go on to become best friends and work together in a variety of different movies. I really can’t say anything bad about this movie and I don’t know anyone who can and honestly mean it. The movie was smart, funny and extremely hip. The vampires were shown to be vicious killers who hunt their prey in packs and party hard because hey, as the movie tag line goes “Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never Die.” DAMN it must be good to be a Vampire!!! Haim’s comedic timing in this movie was awesome. You just can’t help but laugh and love his character. Even Feldman who’s overacting in this movie is fun to watch.


The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe

More than 20yrs after the release of The Lost Boys, news finally came that there would be a sequel to the highly popular series. I was more than a little elated at the news of this, then word came that it would be a direct to video release – which cooled my enthusiasm a little but I stayed optimistic that it would be ok. Then the bomb was dropped – Corey Feldman was cast to reprise the role of Edgar Frog but…No Corey Haim….WTF?!? Really? How the hell can you have a proper Lost Boys sequel without Sam? Now my heels were really cool to the project.

The Tribe is about a guy Chris and his sister, Nicole Emerson (the same Emerson family as Sam) who have to move to live with their aunt when they become orphaned only she’s not handing out charity, she wants the siblings to pay rent. While out looking for a job, an old friend tells him about a party they should attend. At said party, Nicole meets a mysteriously alluring guy with long blonde hair named Shane (Angus Sutherland). While at the party Shane offers up some booze to Nicole which happens to be his own blood thereby turning her into a half-vamp. Chris must enlist the help of the reclusive Edgar Frog to stop Nicole from making her first kill becoming a full fledged vampire.

I can say that some of the scenes with the vampires were pretty well done. I loved two scenes in particular that was really just part of the directors cut and another scene that was at the end of the credits. The problem with this movie is it tries too hard to be like the original and that’s kind of where it fails. What they should have done is brought more of the original actors back and done something more original instead of rehashing major points of the original movie with genders changed around. They even could have followed a story line closer to the comics or even the story that was introduced at the end of the movie.

Unless you’re a real fan of the series, you should pass on this one…Even if you are a fan, you might want to pass. The sequel does things much better.

The Lost Boys: The Thirst

Truthfully, I never heard about this movie until a week before it’s direct to video release. So I really never had a chance to formulate any thoughts or see any news about it. I checked out the trailer and must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by it. When”Cry Little Sister” started playing during the trailer – it nearly choked me up. I then wondered what and how they would pay respects to Corey Haim and hoped they would do something for him as opposed to pretending nothing happened. I’m happy to say that this movie feels as though it has as much heart as the original.

Edgar Frog, still a recluse is even more jaded than before. He wallows in self guilt over the loss of friends and family to the undead. One day after a foreclosure notice, a good looking girl comes calling asking for his help n finding her brother who fell in with who she believes to be a crew of Vampires who hold raves and give away vials of a designer drug that just so happens to be Vampire Blood. Edgar decides to help the girl with the assistance of some new friends.

RIP Haimster: Dec 23 1971 - March 10, 2010

This is what part 2 should have been. The vampires aren’t the castrated douchebags made popular by the Twilight series (something they make fun f in a tongue in cheek kind of way), the acting is a little less crappy and over the top (I’m looking at you Feldman) and the cast seems to be having fun much like the original. They paid great respect to the memory of Corey Haims character Sam Emmerson through flashbacks and Edgars refusal to part with a certain Batman comic as mentioned in the original movie. There’s one scene in particular that deals with this that was a very heart-felt good-bye to Canadas favorite Lost Boy. RIP Corey.

Jamieson Newlander (Alan Frog) has some great scenes in this although they were short, I think it sets the pace for another sequel.  The ending was a good finish to the trilogy and could even usher in a new direction in the series.

This was a good movie that was worthy of the series – I strongly recommend you check it out.