Month: October 2010

Nintendo Holiday Event 2010

Tonight I had the pleasure of heading down to see Nintendo’s Holiday Lineup and get my hands on the latest titles coming to the Wii and DS for all you Nintendo Gamers out there. I have to say Nintendo holds the keys on home party games for the whole crew, with Wii Party your going to be the host with the most at your next party.  So many mini games and team challenges your guests will be laughing and entertained all night long.  Mix in a few adult sodas and your guests will never want to leave. Perfect for causal gamers and Family friendly. Maybe you are more of a puzzle gamer, looking for the next riddle to cross your path?  Well take heart, Professor Layton is back with his third title “Professor Layton and the Unwound Future“. Use your skills of deduction and riddle solving to help Luke and the Professor solve a mystery, a mystery from the future… Perfect for puzzle and portable gamers. Artists and those just learning to draw will want to get there hands on Art Academy. A step-by-step learn to draw program that lets event the worst artist (thats me) to draw a work of art. Just look at the tree I was able to draw following the instructions provided by the in-game art Tutor. Mario in Ice  Mvern78 talking with Nintendo Canada...

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Review – The Walking Dead: Pilot Episode

The Walking Dead I’ve only been reading The Walking Dead series for 3 years now but I’m ravenous for the series so when I found out this was coming to TV, I was excited until I heard it was AMC. I was hoping for Sho or HBO to pick it up and AMC was still relatively new here in Canada so I was ignorant to what they could do. Then as info started to filter it’s way out and images made their way to the net – I grew so bloody excited with each new nugget of information. I’ve seen the pilot episode – IT WAS AMAZING!!! The source material is treated with the utmost respect with some changes to keep us longtime readers guessing. Almost immediately, we get the sense of what AMC is willing to do when Rick comes across a little girl who happens to be an amazingly disfigured zombie and he pets her out of his misery with a gruesome bullet to the head. We then get a flashback to Rick before the fit hit the shan and his relationship with his partner Shane. The action picks back up with the famous car/shootout scene we’ve all watched in the trailer and BOOM! He wakes up some time later after everything goes to hell. The zombies look incredible and the atmosphere is truly eerie – Something...

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Tron: Legacy

Ohhhh SNAP!!! Came across this in my net viewings today. A new trailer/video from Daft Punk feauring some awesome footage of the new Tron movie set to come out...

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31 Days of Horror – Day 18

Feast 3: The Happy Finish I really didn’t know what to expect from this movie. It was on late one night and was a horror movie I’d never seen before so I was game to check it out…Eff me gently is this ever a dumb goddamn movie. Apparently this flaming turd is an immediate continuation from its predecessor. Not that I’m ever going to watch it because…god damn…I really can’t shake the dirty off me. As I was saying, the movie starts off as a direct continuation from the predecessor as each character is deep into confrontation with the beasts with what’s supposed to be a humorous look at each character and their :likelihood to survive…One girl who i gathered to be a Timex watch from their description of her finally gets finished off by having her head ripped off by the beast, promptly eaten and then we get the heads perspective as it makes the way down the digestive tract and promptly gets crapped out. I mean we literally see the beasts butt open and close as it squeezes out this girls head as a fresh piece of crap. Honestly – Stay the hell away from this piece of shit. I’m gonna go pour liquid soap into my eyes…maybe bleach. Enjoy this crappy...

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31 Days of Horror: Day 17

The Exorcist When a young girl, Regan McNeil, begins exhibiting strange behavior, her mother takes her to a series of doctors. After the doctors fail to recognize what is happening, strange phenomena surrounds Regan her mother is left with one option – To enlist the help of 2 priests, one who questions the existence of god and another who is haunted by an archaeological dig from his past which foreshadows this confrontation. I haven’t seen this movie in years so I felt it was necessary to check it out again in my adulthood since this movie really is a classic by all accounts but is it really what many call “The scariest movie of all time”? In short, no…Not even close. I respect what the movie did for the horror genre back in the 70s – It raised the bar for horror movies by which all aspire to be but ultimately fail in. The Exorcist was (from what I’ve been told) terrifying in it’s day, they showed things that had never been done before – Who thinks to have a 12yr old girl stab herself in the genitals with a crucifix all while blasting out obscenities to “the All Mighty” or the green pea soup vomit fest (I still chuckle at that scene cause it reminds me of Scary Movie). What about the head spinning? ***Yawn*** The makeup effects...

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