Month: September 2010

31 Days of Horror

Howdy all, I seem to be a glutton for punishment these days because not only do I have to try and stay on top of things here, at our sister site, my personal business, and family…now I’ve added 31 Days of Horror to my list of things to do. This October, check back as I watch and review 1 horror movie per day in honor of Halloween. After some thought, I’ve got a few movies decided on and would love to get some suggestions from any of our...

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Review – Dexter: “My Bad”

Please be aware that if you have not yet seen Season 4, reading this episode will DESTROY season 4 on you so I recommend bookmarking this page for another day… …Still there? Awesome. The episode started off with a recap of the major points of the incredible 4th season complete with Dexter finding Rita in the bathtub filled with water and her own blood coupled with his son crying while sitting in a pool of his own mothers blood much like Dexter was found. This episode was so emotional, it was almost hard to watch as Dexter struggled with his new feelings of guilt and sadness, both of which he’s never experienced before. He wrestled with words as he broke the news to Rita’s kinds and parents all the while he wore a Mickey Mouse hat the kids brought home for him from Disney and another particularly moving scene takes place between Dexter and his sister (real life wife) when he asks her if she’d love his son Harrison as her own and she responded with “He is my own”. He contemplated uprooting and getting away from everyone and everything when he couldn’t cope with the responsibilities of being a widower to 3 children and now a suspect in the death of his own wife. Ultimately, the episode really sets us and Dexter up for a series of ups...

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Left 4 Dead: The Sacrifice DLC Officially Dated

Today, Valve officially confirmed the release date for the brand spanking new DLC for Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 entitled “The Sacrifice” for October 5th for 560MS Points and free for PC users. This series which has been a mainstay in my console for the last 2 years has grown rather old for me. The lack of levels, the lag, people dropping out in the middle of getting their asses whipped has gotten to me and I only just played it today after about 4 weeks away from the game. Truthfully it’s about effing time Valve, but, I wonder what this will do to revitalize the people who have gone away from the...

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