Month: August 2010

Review – NCAA Football 11

NCAA Football 2011 I love NCAA football – Way more than NFL because these guys are playing their asses off for their pride, the school and the chance at getting rich and playing like the rest of the lazy thugs in the NFL. Every year I look forward to the updated release of this title. Being the little brother to Madden, it’s no surprise that the game feels like it’s been neglected some in the last couple years. The incredibly fun “Road to Glory” mode that, has you controlling a high school superstar to college star status, received no...

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Review – Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

After 12yrs, countless release pushes, a few botched Beta trials and a wildly successful Beta phase, Starcraft 2 has finally come home. Expect no spoilers in the following review because that just wouldn’t be very nice. I was one of the many people worldwide who wandered to their nearest electronics store to pick up the sequel a few weeks back at the stroke of midnight. I’ve had many many hours logged playing the campaign and online that it’s now time to talk about the game. Wings of Liberty takes place just 4 short years after the events of the...

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XBLA Quick Reviews

Limbo – A side scrolling puzzle game that puts you in the role of a small boy who wakes up in a dark forest who has to find his way out. Along the way are a variety of push, pull, timing events and some careful thought to reach the end. I love the presentation – So dark and creep yet charming at the same time. The controls are simple – Move side to side, jump, push and pull your way to victory. While I admit that I enjoyed the game for the most part, I’m just not feeling the puzzles that require you to get from point a to b in a short period of time. I’ve never liked them. The puzzles are pretty clever and sometimes the simplest of solutions will work for you but it’s not always clear. Cool game, great graphics and an awesome presentation make this a worthy title. Hydro Thunder : Hurricane – What can I say…I don’t get XBL Arcade games because I find that most of them aren’t worth the high price (that’s a topic for another day though) and I’m not into racing games but damn is this game ever fun. Fast and furious races keep you on the edge of your seat as you try to beat the competition with the hammer pinned to the ground and nitro switched on....

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GamesCom Roundup

GamesCom in Cologne Germany is fast becoming a premiere event for the gaming industry and this week was truely a testament to that statement as there was some pretty big news – in particular out of the Sony Camp. Here’s a quick rundown of some things that went down. Microsoft: Showed off Kinect and announced that it was releasing across Europe on November 10th, Halo Reach was obviously on display and more details were released as they showed off a new video conveying more background about Nobel Teams story, Lionshead talked about Fable 3 blurring the lines of morality and some details about Age of Empires Online. Overall a rather drab and ho-hum showing from Microsoft. EA Came out hard and fast wasting no time showing off the new Harry Potter game with the help of the Weasley twins using Kinect and coop play FIFA 11 is shown off to be the bigest and best version yet (boooooring) Mass Effect 2 coming to PS3 (many fanboys crap themselves with excitement), Dragon Age 2 was displayed with an AWESOME video and release date of March 8th in USA – March 11 in the UK(man have they ever upped the ante in the graphics department EA Sports Active 2 is official across all platforms with David Beckham revealed to be face of the title The newest Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit...

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New Left 4 Dead DLC Announced

Valve officially unveiled som details about the the new upcoming DLC for the popular zombie killing franchise. The Sacrifice tels the story of how the original survivors end up in New Orleans and meet with the survivors of the sequel. As we all know, Bill ultimately dies according to “The Passing” but in the end, the player decide who dies when playing it. The DLC will be compatible with both L4D and L4D2 – as an added bonus, L4D2 players will get the No Mercy campaign to play through. The DLC is due out sometime in October for free for PC and Mac users as always whle us Xbox users get pumped for $$$ – Also there’s a 120pg comic due out to tell the story about how Bill dies. Honestly, I still play Left 4 Dead a fair amount but I’ve scaled it back dramatically because I’m sick of the same old shit. I’m really happy for the new levels but suspect it may be too little too late for some people to care about. Time to take the wraps off L4D3 valve or perhaps a proper DLC campaign that spans across more than 3...

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