StarCraft 2 Collectors Edition Unboxing

Today is the day that millions of gamers around the world have been waiting for. StarCraft 2, the long anticipated, often speculated and delayed title has finally come home. After a series of Midnight launch events last night across Canada, I waltzed into the nearest Futureshop and picked myself up a copy of the Limited Edition and I must say that it’s a damn fine package. If you can afford the extra moolah and can find one, I highly recommend this.

The Collectors Editon Box

Opening the box – reveals that the packaging is cooler than I thought

Replica of Jim Raynors Dog tags is pretty sweet – Actually a 2GB USB Stick with the original game and the Brood Wars Expansion

Another image of the dog tags plugged into the system

From left to right – StarCraft 2 Game, Soundtrack and Making of Video

4 Guest Passes 2 x StarCraft 2 for 7hrs of game time or 14 Days whichever comes first and 2x 10 Day guest passes for World of Warcraft
Comic Book Issue #0 and the unbelieveable Hardcover art book – A must have for anyone who appreciates game art.


Carmine the Redshirt Gear

Today the team over at Epic announced that the fate of Clayton Carmine, the third brother, in the upcoming “Gears of War 3” title. Control Carmine’s future by purchasing avatar gear on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, fans and gaming communities around the globe will decide the destiny of the newest Carmine brother set to appear in “Gears of War 3,” with all the proceeds going to the Child’s Play Charity.

The Carmine family is an unfortunate bunch, Loosing a bother in each of the previous titles makes the family the proverbial ‘redshirt’ of the Gears world – see below for definition. Take Clayton’s life in your hands, and support a good cause while your at it, by purchasing one of these two shirt the first reads “Save Carmine” and the other reads “Carmine Must Die.” I saw on twitter you can get these shirts at the Xbox Booth at the San Diago Comic Com… If you get one – send us a pic!

I’m sorry Clayton, third time is not the Charm #CarmineMustDie.

P.S. Proceeds from Avatar t-shirt purchases go to Child’s Play.

According to the WikipediaRedshirt is a slang term for a minor stock character of an adventure drama who dies violently soon after being introduced in order to dramatize the dangerous situation experienced by the main characters. The term originated with fans of the science fiction television series Star Trek, from the red shirts worn by Starfleet security officers and engineers, who frequently meet their demise during the episodes. Sometimes, the character is a sacrificial lamb.

Dragon Quest IX Events

Select GameStop/EB Games locations across Canada are hosting exclusive Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies events on Saturday, July 31. Join other players and start trading maps and download an exclusive map from the EB store. Attendees will also be eligible to to win a Midnight Blue Nintendo DSi XL.

No idea what Dragon Quest IX is? Well don’t fret we have you covered…

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies combines game play with social fun, setting players out on an epic adventure. Explore special dungeons, called grottoes, to find rare items and enemies. Or fire up Tag Mode, when you can exchange maps and greetings with other players who come within range of each other.

Find your nearest GameStop/EB Games locations hosting events by visiting:

A Marvel Addition

Sackboy is powering up with the latest DLC pack – Marvel Super Heroes.

Level Pack includes:

  • 4 Brand new Marvel themed Levels
  • 3 New music tracks
  • A New level background
  • 6 Materials
  • 12 Decorations
  • 5 Objects
  • 155 Stickers

Pricing US $4.99
Compatible with LBP and LBP2

Character Pack Includes:

  • Iron Man’s Rocket Boots, Iron Man’s Gauntlets, Iron Man’s Helmet, Iron Man Skin, Iron Man’s Armour
  • The Thing Skin
  • Mystique Mask, Mystique’s Goggles, Mystique’s Hair, Mystique Skin, Mystique’s Belt, Mystique’s Eyes
  • Daredevil’s Boots, Daredevil’s Mask, Daredevil’s Gloves, Daredevil’s Horns, Daredevil’s Trousers, Daredevil Skin, Daredevil’s Shirt
  • Doctor Octopus Claw, Doctor Octopus’s Goggles, Doctor Octopus’s Hair, Doctor Octopus Skin, Doctor Octopus’s Tentacle Arms

Pricing US $5.99
Compatible with LBP and LBP2

Split/Second Review

When you think of Disney, you don’t normally think..producers of a kick ass, highly addicting racing game keeping you up way too late into the wee hours. Well that’s exactly what what happened to me. I clearly underestimated Disney’s ability to turn it up a notch and completely take hold of senses with Split/Second. This game rocks! It has such a pick up & go pace about it. I found myself compelled to finish the solo-campaign as well as constantly go back for more in the multi-player arena.

Split/Second’s premise is that you’re a contestant on a reality show of sorts called coincidentally, ‘Split/Second’. Through a variety of different kind of races (elimination, position based, time challenged, and a few others). Each awarding you more credits the better you do. Additionally, unlocking new cars rather easily and new ‘episodes’ are they are referred to throughout (remember, think a tv show were you’re racing to keep your viewers glued to their set(s) by the destruction being caused to the tracks and other racers by your skills). With earned powerups while racing from successful drifting, jumps, and from what I’d like to call it tailgating – you have the ability use powerups that trigger various environment hazards to try and take out your opponents. If done too soon or too late, you may even wreck yourself…something I’ve done oh too many times. Regardless, you’ll wind up going back for more over and over. In my first sit down I thought I’d play a race a two..2.5 hr later lol…well, you get the point.

Graphics are top notch, no complaints there and I never witnessed any slow down even with alot going on on-screen, in the race and in the background. One of the things that I particularly like about Split/Second, is its choice of music. Gone are the ‘drill it in your brain’ – just plain loud rock type tracks that after a while just never seemed to fit IMHO in fast paced driving games. Instead, they opted to go the pulse route, with pumping instrumentals to get your heart beat..umm…racing! Great game, quick menus and very little load times..with a hot soundtrack to boot? It’s why I’m still jonesing for a race or two before I even get home some days.

Multi-player breaks down like so, you can battle against a friend in 2 player split screen co-op, or go online to play in 8 player match-ups. What’s really worth the bucks is that its not just straight racing. You get 1st to choose what type or racing you’re up for: head to head against 7, survival mode, among some others. At last count I think there were about 12-16 different locales to choose from as well. Cars unlocked in the solo campaign are eligible for use in multi-player (unlike in Blur) as well. Coolness.


  • Fast paced, and highly addicting gameplay
  • Well thought out and gorgeous looking levels
  • Driving feel just right, not too over sensitive – nor stiff (with enough variety between cars)

  • Havng to wait at times to join a multi-player game in a lobby instead of simply spectating
  • No mention of new tracks via DLC yet (at time this was written)

Feed Your Console gives Split/Second a score of 8.5/10.