Feed Your Console Interview: Crackdown 2

A couple weeks back I had the pleasure of meeting James Cope of Ruffian Games. Xbox found a great location for this event – high at top one of the residential building down town with a great view view from the buildings roof top patio. Fitting for a gaming event that deals where your character spends a good deal of time climbing to the highest points on the map to collect power ups and orbs.

I finally found my last agility orb!! Again. #crackdown on TwitpicSpeaking of Orbs – here is Xbox Canada Community Manager Jakenbear finding the last agility orb of the night.

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Review: Splinter Cell: Conviction

Ubisoft started work on this game about close to 4 years ago if not more if I remember correctly. Sam Fisher went from looking like a hobo to what we have in Conviction. Clean cut, gritty and oh so punishing looking. This game will have you from the minute the first scene kicks off. The transition from clips to actual gamplay is near seamless. The voice acting is top notch, with a dialog that isn’t much like the old Splinter games..which I personally found to be overall, just boring.

You’re immediately thrown into the “action”, yes action over sneaking (yay!), from the get go. You’re mission..to find you’re daughter long thought to be killed in an accident. It’s just possible she never died earlier in the series. Who stands in your way?, your old employers Third Echelon of course who might just have set the whole thing up. Some old friends as well as enemies are all there. Again, the action in this game is quick, loud and exhilarating for this series. I for one love this new spin. The sneaking genre needed to change and I’m glad Ubisoft realized this as well. Oodles of weapons that at some point you’ll be able to upgrade to their maxed out limits rather quickly, and oodles of ways to use the new combat fighting system! This was a new take on how to bring down some poor joe but with a twist. To make it so that you’d actually want to put away your firearms at times, stealth kills give you the ability to pre-target enemies and then with a one button touch, execute them. It works so well here. Good job Ubi’!!

Graphics and sound are as exceptional as you’d expect from a Ubisoft title, and are not to be overlook, but don’t need too much mention here. They’re excellent. This is one of the best looking games on the 360 in my opinion. No lag, no slow down…ever, and that’s with seemingly alot going on on any given occasion on screen (backgrounds, etc).

Multiplayer keeps this title fresh. Co-op it up with a buddy for side missions (story in co-op or 3 special missions ones) designed to be played with a pal, or create (or jump in) a session for some good ‘ol multiplayer action (3 modes). Sweet!

Now, what really makes this worthwhile is that for some reason Ubisoft has decided to release free DLC every Thursday since it’s launch. We’re talking free weapons for in-game use, stealth outfits for multiplayer, etc. A precedent, one of which I’m still thinking is too good to be true!

**Note** At launch there where issues with the Collectors Edition sets (the USB sticks not working), however I think Ubisoft has made up for it by provided most of the content free on their site (interviews, soundtrack, pics, etc.).


  • Everything warrants a purchase of this game if you’re into to non stop action shoot-em-ups with a great story an interactive interrogations scenes.
  • Free weekly DLC (for now).
  • Vast array of multiplayer options.


  • Bad update bug that lingered for the first 2 days of release and plague many 1st day game purchasers. Luckily it was fixed in days but still..was brutal.
  • There were still a few levels where stealth was necessary, painfully difficult at times but…doable.

Feed Your Console gives Splinter Cell: Conviction a 8.5/10.

Retired Athlete Covers

This week we say the announcements of 2K Sports Basketball putting Michael Jordan in the Cover of NBA 2K11 and Wayne Gretzky on the Cover of an upcoming Wii Title from EA Sports titled NHL SLAPSHOT.

I really must ask… A basketball player that has not been in the league sine 2003 (as a player) and a retired Hockey All Star – are planning on being the selling feature for these two titles?!? REALLY?

Maybe the Madden Curse is real and it’s expanding to the other sports titles… using Retired Athletes may be soon be the only option to protect a sports career.

I kid of course – MJ and Gretzky are both fantastic Athletes and covers are well deserved for both.

E3 Warm Up

E3 is approaching – YEAH!!! – and gaming developers are starting to tease with their upcoming game and platform announcements. Those lucky people that are making there way to the Los Angeles Convention Center, will be filled by all the gaming goodness that can be had in just a couple days.

Xbox: Natal, Cirque du Soleil, Halo: Reach, Fable 3, Gears of War 3 and Crackdown 2. Possibly mix in the Insomniac Games Partnership with their new game. Might just be the winner of the event.

PlayStation: So far tight lipped about the upcoming event – I’m looking forward to Move and Little Big Planet 2, KillZone 3 and a few other exclusives. Coming to a Screen near you on Tuesday June 15th, at 11:30 am at the Shrine Auditorium.

Nintendo: Really a wild card for me this year – I’m really not sure what to be expecting here… Catch Nintendo’s E3 Presentation at 9 a.m. Pacific on Tuesday, June 15. Just visit e3.nintendo.com to tune in to the show.

Ubisoft has already dropped a number of hints including a look at Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Shaun White Skateboarding, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Driver, and a number of other titles that have yet to be announced. Like last year, Ubisoft will be presenting the press conference, as well as other exclusive videos and interviews throughout the E3 at: ubi.com. Tune in on June 14, 2010 at 5 pm.

What are you looking forward to at E3?