Month: April 2010

Review: Red Steel 2

Guns and Swords, Cowboys and Samurai, and old western town with electronics, diesel and computers??? Confused yet – I was… The story behind Red Steel 2 is vastly different from the first Red steel (or so I have read – as I didn’t play Red Steel) where the location was in the blustering Metropolis of Tokyo, Red Steel 2 takes place in a semi-futuristic Asian inspired Western and is a fast paced first person shooter with a twist – the up close and personal feel of the Katana. Firing up Red Steel 2 and strapping on the Wii Motion Plus I was ready to hit the trail, after the slightly too long Wii Motion Plus How to Video, and swing me some Steel! The controller actions used in this game are hardly a stretch of the imagination; Aim by pointing the Wii-mote (also controls where character is looking), B Button is your guns trigger and the nanchuck moves the character – Typical Wii First person type controls. But with the addition of the Wii Motion Plus a few interesting effects are added… force sensitive based sword fighting – harder swings mean more sword damage – and motion sensitive safe cracking where the Wii-mote becomes the actual safe dial and your hand twisting determines the success of your opening these locks or not. However increased sensitivity or not there were...

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Halo Reach: Birth of a Spartan

“Birth of a Spartan” is a stirring depiction of the transformation of Carter 259, the future leader of Noble Team in “Halo: Reach,” from an ordinary young man to a superhuman Spartan warrior. The highly classified bio-augmentation procedure is a Spartan candidate’s final and most difficult ordeal before joining the ranks of the legendary soldiers. The dramatic interpretation of Carter’s rebirth as a Spartan embodies the themes of courage, sacrifice and honour in “Halo: Reach” and gives viewers a unique look into the origins of a central character in the upcoming blockbuster game. More details are available on, in addition users can also upload a photo of themselves and get an image created of them as a Spartan...

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Under Seige DLC on the PSN

What give you eleven new trophies, six new character skins, two new multi-player maps and a new game type? Uncharted 2 does New game play on the Siege map looks to play on one of nine maps where players defend for ten rounds with progressively harder enemies being sent your way. Hold your ground and defend your positions well to win this...

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Infinity Ward Brain Drain Continues

G4TV is reporting on the continuing exodus of senior Development staff streaming from Infinity Ward to newly launched studio Respawn Entertainment. With a running time line of virtually back to back announcements Respawn added the following members to their team (former IW titles shown): Lead Designer – Todd Alderman Lead Animator – Mark Grigsby Lead Environmental Artist – Chris Cherubini Lead Animator – John Paul Messerly Software Engineer – Rayme C. Vinson Programmer – Jon Shiring Lead Designer – Mackey McCandlish Based on this announcements May 1st is going to be a very busy day at Respawn Entertainment… Maybe they will have an actual website by then…...

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Spring Fever Means Two More Deals

PlayStation is continuing their Spring Fever sale and this weeks highlights include a couple of action games. An old favourite returns like a friend you haven’t seen in a while and a game that flew under the radar during the 2009 holiday rush. Ratchet & Clank Quest for Booty (sale price $7.49, reg. $14.99) and Revenge of the Wounded Dragons (sale price$4.99, reg. $9.99) Revenge of the Wounded Dragons – takes you back to the side scrollers of old. Did you play it? Let us know your thoughts – send your review to webcomments at Offers good through Wednesday,...

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